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Howard County library patrons will find the new books prominently displayed at the front of the library in a cabinet designed specifically for that purpose.  The new books include many of the New York Times bestsellers as well as many award winning novels and non-fiction works.

Anyone can also look at all the library listings and those of other members of the Missouri Evergreen Consortium by clicking the link in the banner at the top of each web page.  A link to a listing of e-books, audio books and videos available through Missouri Libraries 2 Go is also available in the banner.

Listed below are the most recent purchases:

December 2018
Elementary, Youth, Young Adult
Alison, Dana
Acevedo, Elizabeh
Haig, Matt
Henkes, Kevin
Jonker, Travis
Meltzer, Brad
Maltzer, Brad
Sanderson, Brandon
Sumrow, Melanie
Wade, Stef
It Wasn't Me
The Poet X
The Dinosaur
The Truth Pixie
Winter is Here
The Very Last Castle
I am Neil Armstrong
I am Sonia Sotomayor
The Prophet Calls
A Place for Pluto
Archer, Jeffrey
Braithwaite, Oyinkan
Burns, Anna
Burke, James Lee
Cussler, Clive
Hendricks, Greer
HOag, Tami
Krentz, Jayne Ann
Jewll, Lisa
Martin, Geroge RR
MOrris, Heather
Nunez, Sigrid
Patterson, James
Perry, Thomas
Preston, Douglas
Heads You Win
My Sister the Serial Killer
The New Iberia Blues
Sea of Greed
An Anonymous Girl
The Boy
Watching You
Fire & Blood
The Tattooist of Auswitz
The Friend
The House Next Door
The Burglar
Verses for the Dead

Bligh, David

Lewis, Michael

Meltzer, Brad  

Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom
The Fifth Ristk
The First Conspiracy
November 2018
Elementary, Youth, Young Adult
Albertalli, Becky
Barle, Idan Ben
Juno, Eve Chen
Damm, Antje
DiCamillo, Kate
Eggers, Dave
Emmich, Val
Gangles, Lee
Guiness Books
Kinney, Jeff
Morales, Yuyi
Wojtas, Olga
What If It's Us?
Don't Lick the Book
Valentine and the Magical Shoes
The Visitor
Louisiana's Way Home
Here Right Foot
Dear Evan Hansen
Ferbert Flembuzzle's Most Exotic Zoo
Guinness World Records, 2019
Diary of a Wimpy KId:  The Meltdown
Miss Blaine's Perfect and the Golden Samovar
October 2018
Elementary, Youth, Young Adult
Agee, Jon
Bolden, Tonya
Cervantes, J.C.
Curtis, Christopher Paul
De Saint-Exupery, Antoine
Green, Hank
Ireland, Justina
Jullien, Jean
John, Anton
Jory, John
Riggs, Ransom
Saeed, Aisha
Thruras, Dylan
Zusak, Markus
The Wall in the Middle of the Book
No Small Potatoes
The Storm Runner
The Journey of Little Charlie
The Little Prince
An Absolutely Remarkable Thing
Dread Nation
Why the Face
Giraffe Problems
A Map of Days
Amal nbound
Atlas Obscura Explorers Guide
Bridge of Clay
Child, Lee
Clark, Mary Higgins
Connelly, Michael
Evanovich, Janet
Forsyth, Frederick
Francis, Felix
Galbraith, Robert
Gran, Sara
Grisham, John
Harris, Charlaine
Hilderbrand, Elin
Johansen, Iris
Mason, Daniel
Moriarty, Lianne
Patterson, James
Perry, Anne
Shapero, B.A.
Parks, Nicholas
Smith, Alexander McCall
Taylor, Patrick
Unger, Lisa
Woods, Stuart
Zafron, Carlos Ruiz
Past Tense
You Don't Own Me
Sacred Night
Look Alive Twenty-Five
The Fox
Lethal White
The Infinite Blacktop
The Reckoning
An Easy Death
Winter in Paradist
Winter Soldier
Nine Perfect Strangers (11-15)
Dark Tide Rising
The Collectors Apprentice
Every Breath
The Color of all the Cattle (11-6)
An Irish Country Cottage
Under My Skin
Desperate Measures
The Labyrinth of the Spirits


Goodwin, Doris Kearns
Harrari, Yuval NOah
Lepore, Jill
Obama, Michelle
Leadership in Turbulent Times
21 Lessons for the 21st Century
These Truths
Becoming (11-15)


Ankawa, Hiro
Bacigalupi, Paolo
Baldacci, David
Beschloss, MIchael
Berg, Elizabeth
Cameron, Marc
Kingsbury, Karen
Lpica, Mike
Murakami, Haruki
Paretsky, Sara
Patterson, James
Penny, Louise
Rankin, Ian
Roberts, Nora
Steel, Danielle
Tursten, Helene
The Traveling Cat Chronicles
Tool of War
Long Road to Mercy
President of War
Night of Miracles
Tom Clancy's Oath of Office
When We were Young
Robert Parker's Blood Feud
Killing Commendatore
Shell Game
Target Alex Cross
Kingdom of the Blind
House of Lies
Of Blood and Bone
Beauchamp Hall
An Eldery Lady is Up to No Good
September 2018
Elementary, Youth, Young Adult
Boynton, Sandra
Hiaasen, Carl
Hirschmann, Kris
Manzanero, Paul
McCanna, Tim
McNamara, Margaret
Polacco, Patricia
Pierce, Lincoln
Sotomayor, Sonia
Tarshis, Lauren
Woodson, Jacqueline
But Not the Armadillo
The Sticky Science Book
Where is area 51?
Jack B. Ninja
The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot
Holes in the Sky
Big Nate Goes Bananas
Turning Pages
I Survived the Attack of the Grizzlies
Harbor Me

Atkinson, Kate
Chamberlain, Diane
Coble, Colleen
Coleman, Reed Farrell
Cornwell, Bernard
Flynn, Vince
Johnson, Craig
Jance, JA
Kennedy, Randy
King, Stephen
Kingsolver, Barbara
Lewis, Beverly
Markley, Stephen
Mizzoshima, Margaret
Owens, Delia
Picoult, Jodi
Robb, JD
Steel, Danielle
Stewart, Amy
Todd, Charles
Tolkien, JRR
The Dream Daughter
The House at Saltwater Point
Color Bline
War of the Wolf
Red War
Depth of Winter
Field of Bones
The First Love
Burning Ridge
Where Crawdads Sing
Spark of Lfe
Leverage in Death
In His Father's Footsteps
Miss Kopp Won't Quit
A Forgotten Place
The Fall of Godolin
Orlean, Susan
Pollan, Michael
Woodward, Bob
The Library Book
How to Change Your Mind
August 2018
Elementary, Youth, Young Adult
Barnett, Marc
Barnett, Marc
Beatty, Robert
Kanninen, Barbara
Miyares, Daniel
Jane, Sarah
Dhannon, David
Yolan, Jane
Willa of the Wood
Circle Rolls
Night OUt
Maiden Voyage
Grow Up David
How do Dinosaurs Learn to Read



Alger, Christina
Brown, Sandra
Davis, Fiona
Hotchner, A.E.
Krueger, William Kent
Kwon, R. O.
Mcacomber, Debbie
Muller, Marcia
Patterson, James
Scottoline, Lisa
Slaughter, Karen
Steadman, Catherine
Walsh, Rosie
Williams, Beatriz
The Banker's Wige
The Materpiede
The Amazing Adventures of Aaron Broom
Desolation Mountain
The Incendiaries
Cottage by the Sea
The Breakers
Texas Ranger
Piece of Her
Something in the Water
Summer Wives
Jacobs, Laura
Kakutani, Michiko
Celestial Bodies
The Death of Truth


July 2018
Elementary, Youth, Young Adult
Chung, Arree
Mass, Wendy
Quintero, Lila
Reynolds, Aaron
Winfrey, Kerry
Woodson, Jacqueline
Mixed: A Colorful Story
My Year in the Middle
Things Jolie Needs to Do Before She Bites It
The Day You Begin
Coulter, Catherine
Griffin, Emily
Johansen, Iris
Kellerman, Jonathan
Makkai, Rebecca
Rosenfelt, David
Steel, Danielle
Silva, Daniel
Tyler Anne
Tremblay, Paul
Thor, Brad
Woods, Stuart
All We Ever Wanted
Double Blind
A Measure of Darkness
The Great Believers
The Good Fight
The Other Woman
Clock Dance
The Cabin at the End of the World
Spy Master
When Life Gives You Lululemons
Hurston, Zora Neale
Meachum, Jon
Soul of America
June 2018
Juvenile, Youth, Young Adult
Applegate, Katherine
Fogliano, Julie
Scotto, Thomas
Black, MIchael Ian
Carriger, Gail
Omior, Eizabeth Stevens
Russell, Erin Danielle
The Last
A house that Once Was
Jerome by Heart
I'm Sad
Etiquette & Espionage
The Greedy Goat
Walk Your Dog
How to Trick the Tooth Fairy
Andrews, Mary Kay
Cussler Clive
Delinsky, Barbara
Hilderbrand, Elin
Jackson, Lisa
Koryte, Michael
Kingsbury, Karen
Madden, Mike
Ondaatje, Michael
Paris, B.A.
Perry, Ann
Shepard, Sara
Ware, Ruth
The High Tide Club
The Gray Ghost
Before and After
The Perfect Couple
Liar, Liar
How it Happened
To the Moon and Back
Ton Clancy's Line of Sight
Bring Me Back
21 Days
The Eliza's
The Death of Mre. Westaway
Harari, Yuval Noah
Harari, Yuvai Noah
Homo Deus
May 2018
Elementary, Youth, Young Adult
Evans, Lisa
Fan, Terry
Forman, Gayle
Frost, Maddie
Iturbe, Antonio
Kensky, Jessica
Lallemand, Orianne
Pattison, Darcy
Perkins, Mitali
Young, Jessica
Wed Wabbit
Ocean Meets Sky
I have Lost my Way
The Librarian of Auschwitz
Rescue Jessica
The Wolf Who Didn't Like to Read
Saucy and Bubba
You Bring the Distant Near
Play this Book


Atkins, Ace
Baldaci, David
Backman, Fredrik
Buckley, Christopher
Estleman, Loren
Frazer, Charles
Hollinghurst, Alan
Johnson, Craig
Kava, Alex
King, Stephen
McLain, Paula
Molloy, Aimee
Roberts, Nora
Steel, Danielle
Tapper, Jack
Old Black Magic
The Fallen
Us against You
The Judge Hunter
Black and Whit Ball
The Sparsholt Affair
The Dark Horse
Lost Creed
The Outsider
Love and Ruin
The Perfect Mother
Shelter in Place
The Cast
The Hellfire Club
Dean, Michelle
McCain, John
McNamara, Eileen
The Restless Wave
Eunice, The Kennedy Who Changed the World
April 2018
Elementary, Youth, Young Adult
Behar, Ruth
Blackall, Sophie
Breantley-Newton, Vanessa
Clinton, Chelsea
Ghokshi, Roshani
Kelly, Entrada Erin
McCarthy, Meghan
O"connor, Sheila
Pierce, Lincoln
Pym, Christine
Riordon, Rick
Wiesner, David
Lucky Broken Girl
Hello Lighthouse
Grandma's Purse
She Persisted around the World (2nd book)
Aru Shah and the End of Time
You Go First
All that Trash
Until Tomorrow, Mr. Marsworth
Big Nate
Little Mouse's Big Breakfast
The Trials of Apollo, Book 3:  The Burning Maze
I Got It
Atkins, Ace
Baldaci, David
Coulter, Catherine
Deaver, Jeffery
Duffy, Stella
Evans, Richard Paul
Jance, J.A.
Jewell, Lisa
Johansen, Iris
Mangan, Christine
Nesbo, Jo
Patterson, James
Patterson, Jame
Perry, Anne
Powers, Richard
Ross, Ann B.
Sanford, John
Scottoline, Lisa
Smith, Alexander McCall
Steele, Danielle
Urrea, Luis Alberto
Urrea, Luis, Alberto
Wolitzer, Meg
Woods, Stuart

 Old Black Magic

The Fallen

The Sixth Day

 The Cutting Edge

 Money in the Morgue

 The Forgotten Road

Duel to the Death

  Then she was gone

Shattered Mirror



 The 17th Suspect


 Twenty One Days

The Overstory

Miss Julia raises the roof

Twisted Prey

After Anna

 The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse

 Accidental Heroes

 The Devil’s Highway

The House of Broken Angels

 The Female Persuasion

 Shoot First


 Albright, Madeleine

Comey, James

Webber, Andres Lloyd


 A Higher Loyalty



March 2018
Elementary. Youth, Young Adult
Barton, Chris
Barnes, Derrick
Baylor, Byrd
Boynten, Sandra
Doerrfeld, Cori
Fallon, Jimmy
Hill, Tad
Hunt, Wendy
Selznick, Brian
Srinivansan, Divya

Cordell, Matthew
Kelly, Erin Entrada
Reynolds, Jason
Vesper, Stamper
Thomas, Angie
Watson, Renee
88 Instruments
Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut
Everybody Needs a Rock
Dinosaur Dance
The Rabbit Listened
Duck and Goose
What Do Animals Do All Day?
The Word Collector
Baby Monkey, Private Eye
Litte Owl Colors

Wolf in the Snow - Caldecott
Hello Universe - Newberry
Long Way Down
What the Night Sings
The Hate U Give
Piecing Me Together - Coretta Scott King winner
Albert, Susan Witting
Anderson, Kurt
Berry, Steve
Bloom, Amy
Box, C. J.
Cussler, Clive
George, Elizabeth
Halliday, Lisa
Hillerman, Anne
Leon, Donna
Meltzer, Brad
Patterson, James
Park, Brad
Rosenberg, Joel
Westover, Tara
Winspear, Jacqueline
Queeen Anne's Lace
Green Sun
The Bishop's Pawn
White Houses
The Flight Attendant
The Disappeared
The Rising Sea
The Punishment She Deserve
Cave of Bones
The Temptation of Forgiveness
The Escape Artist
Red Alert
Closer than You Know
The Kremlin Conspiracy
Fade to Black
To Die But Once


Cantu', Francisci
Coll, Steve

The Line Becomes a River
Directorate S:  The C.I.A. and America's Secret War in Afghanistan
Educated: A Memoir
February 2018
Meltzer, Brad
Paul, Miranda
Yamada, Kobo
Wittenstein, Barry
I am Harriet Tubman
10 LIttle Ninjas - Missouri Building Blocks Winner
What do You do with a Chance?
The Boo-Boos that Changed the World
Juvenile/Young Adult

Albert, Melissa

Kadohata, Cynthia

Saedi, Sara

Smith, Amber

Suzuki, Sarah

The Hazel Wood
Americanized: Rebel Without a Green Card
The Last to Let Go
Yayoi Kusama: From Here to Infinity
Adult Non-Fiction
Leland, John
Pink, Danial
Stanton, Doug
Happiness is a Choice
Horse Soldiers
Adult Fiction
Cleveland, Karen
Gardner, Lisa
Hannah, Kristin
Harper, Jane
Harris, Robert
Hagan, Ruth
Jones, Tayari
Kellerman, Jonathon
Lexcroart, John
Penny, Louise
Rivers, Francine
Steel, Danielle
Taylor, Brad
Todd, Charles
Need to Know
Look for Me
The Great Alone (Book Club Purchase)
Force of Nature
The Keeper of Lost Things
An Amerian Marriage
Nigh Moves
A Fatal Grace
The Masterpiece
Fall From Grace
Operator Down
The Gatekeeper


January 2018
De La Pena, Matt
Esbaus, Jill
Failon, Jimmy
Harris, Neil Patrick
Harrison, Vashti
Kondo, Rober
Schertle, Alice
Schertle, Alice
Slater, Dashka
How to Grow a Dinosaur
Everything to Mama
The Magic Misfits
Bold Women in Black HIstory
The Dam Keeper
Little Blue Truck
Little Blue Truck Leads the Way
The 57 Bus
Adult Fiction
Benjamin, Chloe
Bradley, Alan
Burke, Alafar
Burke, James Lee
Constantine, Liv
Finn, A. J.
Hamid, Mohsin
Hannah, Kristin
Hendricks, Greer
Keneally, Thomas
Page, Katherine Hall
Preston, Douglas/Child, Lincoln
Robb, JD
Rollins, James
Yates, Christoper
The Immortalist
The Grave is a Fine and Private Place
The Wife
The Last Mrs. Parrish
The Woman in the Window
Exit West
The Great Alone
The Wife Between Us
Crimes of the Father
The Body in the Casket
City of Endless Night
Dark in Death
Demon Crown
Grist Mill Roach
Adult Non-Fiction
Levistsky, Steven
McRaven, William
Wills, Garry
Wolff, Michael

How Democracies Die

Make your Bed

What the Qur’an Meant: And why it matters  

Fire and Fury (2-5)

December 2017
Barnett, Max
Beasley, Cassie
Francesca Cavallo/Elena Favilli
Jeffers, Oliver
MOore, David Braclay
Okorafor, Nnedi
Okorafor, Nnedi
Pullman, Phillip
Renner, Benjamin
Yan Glaser, Karinia
The Wolf, the Duck and the Mouse
Tumble & Blue
Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls 2
Here We Are (Notes for Living on Planet Earth)
The Stars Beneath Our Feet
Akata Warrior
Akata Witch
The Book of Dust (La Belle Sauvage)
The Big Bad Fox
The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street
Banville, John
Berg, Elizabeth
Chiaverini, Jennifer
Clancy, Tom (Mark Cameron)
Crais, Robert
Cussler, Clive
Garcia, Crisina
Lee, Min Jin
Joran, Illary
Krentz, Jayne Ann
Robrts, Nora
Smith, Ali
Street, Danielle
Weir, Andy
Mrs. Osmond
The Story of Arthur Truluv
Enchantress of Numbers
Power and Empire
The Wanted
Typhoon Fury
Here in Berlin
Promise Not to Tell
Year One
Past Perfect

Fraser, Caroline

Rather, Dan

Stoll, Steven

  Prairie Fires: The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder
What Unites Us
Ramp Hollow: The Ordeal of the Appalachia
November 2017
Alemagna, Beatrice
Bradley, Kimberly Brubake
Brown, Jennifer
Courgeon, Remi
DiCamillo, Kate
Kinney, Jeff
Rundell, Katherine
Stone, Nic
Twain, Mark
On a Magical Do Nothing Day
The War I finally Won
Shade Me
La La La
The Getaway (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
The Explorer
Dear Martin
The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine
Allende, Isabel
Baldacci, David
Bolten, Sharon
Brady, A.F.
Chamberlain, Diane
Davisi, Fiona
Ercrich, Louis
Evanovich, Janet
Hanks, Tom
Isaacson, Walter
Johansen, Iris
Locker, Attica
Lyle, H.B.
Patterson, James
Patterson, James
Smith, Alexander McCall
Wiggs, Susan
Woods, Stuart
In the Midst of Winter
End Game
Dead Woman Walking
The Blind
The Stolen Marriage
The Address
Furture Home of the Living God
Hardcore 24
Uncommon Type
Leonardo Da Vinci
Mind Game
Bluebird, Bluebird
The Irregular
Count to Ten
The People vs Alex Cross
The House of the Unexpected Sisters
Map of the Heart
Quick and Dirty
October 2017
Benway, Robin
Berry, Dave
Grant, Holly
Maxwell, Cassandre
Meltzer, Brad
Meltzer, Brad
Meltzer, Brad
Newman, Leslea
Racka, Bob
Santat, Dan
Tsurumi, Andrea
Far from the Tree
The Worst Class Trip Even
Wee Sister Strange
Fur, Fins and Feathers: The Invention of the Modern Zoo
I am Sacagawea
I am Gandhi
I am Jane Goodall
Ketzel, the Cat who Composed
Wet Cement
After the Fall
Young Adult
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
Gemeinhart, Dan
Green, John
Riordan, Rick
The Fixer
Scar Island
Turtles All the Way
Magnus Chase (Book 3)
Adult Fiction
Beaton, M.C.
Clark, Mary Higgins
Child, Lee
Connelly, Michael
Cussler, Clive
Egan Jennifer
Francis, Felix
Grisham, John
Hilderbrand, Elin
Hoffman, Alice
Kingsbury, Karen
McDermott, Alice
Sandford, John
Steele, Dabielle
Stewart, Amy
Taylor, Patrick
Woods, Stuart
The Witches Tree
Every Breath You Tak
The Midnight Line
Two Kinds of Truth
The Romanov Ransom
Manhattan Beach
The Rooster Bar
Winter Solstice
The Rules of Magic
In this Moment
The Ninth Hour
Deept Freeze
Miss Kopp's Midnight Confessions
An Irish County Practice
Quick & Dirty

Adult - Non-Fiction 

Chernow, Ron
Coats, Ta-Nehisi
Drummond, Ree
We were Eight Years in Power
Pioneer Woman Cooks: Come and Get It
September 2017
Juvenile/Young Adult
Applegate, Katherine
Barr, Emily
Biles, Simone
Collins, Ross
Jory, John
Reynolds, Aaron
Reynolds, Jason
Skrypuch, Marsha
Thompson, Lisa
The Memory of Flora Banks
Courage to Soar
There's a Bear on my Chair
The Bad Sign
Creepy Pair of Underwear
Making Bombs for Hitler
The Goldfish Boy
Anderson, Kurt
Barton, Fiona
Brown, Brene
Brown, Dan
Clinton, Hillary
Coben, Harlan
Coleman, Reed Farrel
Coulter, Catherine
Demille, Nelson
Ellison, J. T.
Follett, Ken
Henry, Veronica
Jance, J.A.
Johnson, Craig
Kava, Alex
King, Stephen
Lagercrantz, David
Lapena, Shari
Le Carre, John
Ng, Celeste
Patterson, James
Perotta, Tom
Perry, Anne
Robard, Karen
Scottoline, Lisa
Sloan, Robin
Steel, Danielle
Walker, Wendy
Ward, Jesmyn
Wingate, Lisa
Fantasy Land
The Child
Braving the Wilderness
What Happened
Don't Let Go
Robert B. Parker's The Hangman's Sonnet
The Cuban Affair
Lie to Me
A Column of Fire
How to find Love in a Bookshop
Proof of Life
The Western Star
Before Evil
Sleeping Beauties
The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye
A Stranger in the House
A Legacy of Spies
Little Fires Everywhere
Mrs. Fletcher
An Echo of Murder
The Ultimatum
Sourdough: A Novel
The Right Time
Emma in the Night
Sing, Unburied, Sing
Before We were Yours


August 2017
Juvenile/Young Adult
Abadzis, Nick
Brunetti, Ivan
De la Cruz, Melissa
Del Risso, Susanne
Dunlap, Cirocco
Ellis, Carson
Gratz, Alan
Hand, Cynthia
Maxwell, Lisa
Richardson, Bill
Van Slyke, Rebecca
Zolotow, Charlotte
Pigs Might Fly
Wordplay: Toon
Alex and Eliza
My Beautiful Birds
This Book will Not Be Fun
Du iz Tak?
My Lady Jane
The Last Magician
The Alphabet Thief
Lexie the Word Wrangler
Changes: A Child's First Poetry Collection


Brooks, Bill
Brown, Sandra
Fairstein, Linda
Flynn, Vince
Grafton, Sue
Graham, Jorie
Gerritsen, Tess
Greer, Andrew Sean
Jemz, Jac
Johnstone, William
Karon, Jan
Krueger, Willam Kent
Paris, B. A.
Penny, Louise
Perry, Sarah
Robb, J.D.
Schmidt, Sarah
Spielgelman, Art
Sternbergh, Adam
Thompson, Mike
Walls, Laura Dassow
Ware, Ruth
Wilson, Groom
Woods, Stuart
Worsley, Lucy
Tom Dooley: American Tragedy
Seeing Red
Enemy of the State (9/15)
Y is for Yesterday
I know a Secret
The Grip of It
MacCallister Day of Reckoning (9-15)
To Be Where You Are (9-15)
Sulfur Springs
The Breakdown
Glass House (9-15)
The Essex Serpent
Secrets in Death (9/5)
See What I have Done
The Comple Maus
The Blinds
The Turbulent Trail (9-5)
Henry David Thoreau: A Life
The Lying Game
El Paso
Indecent Exposure
Jane Austen at Home
July 2017
Juvenile/Young Adult
Coper, Abby
Favilli, Joseph
Jackson, Ellen
Kuefler, Joseph
McMansu, Karen
Nelsen, Erin
Savage, Stephen
Takeuchi, Chihiro
Willems, MO
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
Picky Eaters
Rulers of the Playground
One of Us is Lying
Be Howl the Moon
Little Plane Learns to Write
Can You Find my Robot's Arm?
Elephant and Piggie Like Reading
Box, CJ
Clancy, Tom
Crider, Bill
Eggers, Dave
Finder, Joseph
Gordon, Mary
Horowitz, Anthony
Koontz, Dean
Kellerman, Jonathan
Macomber, Debbie
Maden, Mike
Mizushima, Margaret
Muller, Marcia
Paterson, James
Patterson, James
Reich, Kathey
Rosenfelt, David
Sakey, Marcus
Slaughter, Karen
Sullivan, Matthew
Tanenbaum, Rober
Thor, Brad
Ware, Ruth
Winslow, Don
Woods, Stuart
Paradise Valley
Point of Contact
Dead to Begin
Heroes of the Frontier
The Switch
There Your Heart Lies
Maggie Murders
The Silent Corner
Crime Scene
All Dreams Will Do
Tom Clancy Point of Contact
Hunting HOur
The Color of Fear
Murder Games
The Store
Two Nights
After Life
The Good Daughter
Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookstore
Without Fear or Favor
Use of Force
The Lying Game
The Force
Barely Legal
June 2017
Arundhati, Roy
Brown, Rita Mae
Child, Lee
Clinton, Chelsea
Connelly, Michael
Cronin, Doreen
Cussler, Clive
Dewberry, Anna
Goldman, Susan
Doiron, Paul
Evanovich, Janet
Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Flournoy, Angela
Frankin, Al
Galbaldon, Diana
George, Nina
Glass, Julia
Godwin, Gail
Hooks, Bell
King Stephen
Kingsbury, Karen
Korman, Gordon
Miranda, Megan
Patterson, James
Rubin, Adam
Russo, Richad
Silva, Daniel
Snyder, Laurel
Steel, Danielle
Sullivan, J. Courtney
Toilin, Colm
Turrow, Scott
Tyson, Neil DeGrasse
Wallmark, Laurie
The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
A Hiss Before Dying
No Middle Name
She Persisted
The Late Show
LIttle Excavator
The Quilts of Gee's Band
Knife Creek
Dangerous Minds
I'd Die for You
The Turner House
Al Frenkin, Giant of the Senate
Seven Stones to Stand or Fall
The Little French Bistro
A House Among the Trees
Grief Cottage
Skin Again
Gwendy's Button Box
Love Story
All the Missing Girls
Murder Games
Dragons Love Tacos 2
House of Spies
Orphan Island
The Duchess
Saints for All Occasions
House of Names
Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code


May 2017
Youth Books
Anderson, David
Carle, Eric
Cornwell, Gaia
Lamothe, Marr
Luyken, Corinna
Reynolds, Jason
Pinkney, Jerry
Robbins, Dean
Riordan, Rick
What's Your Favorite Color
Jabari Jumps
This is How We Do It
The Book of Mistakes
As Brave as You Are
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Margaret and the Moon
The Trials of Apollo, Book 2
Adult Books
Barry, Steve
Dromgoole, Dominic
Evans, Richard Paul
Frank, Dorothea Benton
Grann, David

Grisham, John
Hawkins, Paula
Hilderbrand, Elin
Honeyman, Gail
Lehane, Dennis
Newbo, Jo
Orr, Jill
Paretsky, Sara
Quick, Amanda
Roberts, Nora
See, Lisa
Steel, Danielle
Tinti, Hannah
Warren, Elizabeth
The Lost Order
Hamlet Globe to Globe
The Broken Road
Same Beach Next Year
Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI
Camino Island
Into the Water
The Identicals
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
Since We Fell
The Thirst
The Good Byline
The Girl Who Knew Too Much
Come Sundown
The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane
Against All Odds
The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley
This Fight is our Fight


April 2017
Youth Books
Aston, Dianna Hutts
Alexander, Kwame
Alexander, Kwame
Baccelliere, Anna
Cage, John
Daywait, Drew
Ford, Glibert
Grimes, Nikki
Jackson, Tiffany
Meisel, Paul
Palacio, R. J.
Sarig, Amy
Schiltz, Laura Amy
Zommer, Yuval
A Nest is Noisy
Animal Ark
Out of Wonder
I Like, I Don't Like
Mud Book
The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors
The Marvelous Thing that Came from a Spring
One Last Word
My Awesome Summer
We're All Wonders
Me and Marvin Gardens
Princess Cora and the Crocodile
The Big Book of Bugs

 Adult Books

Albanese, Laurie Lico
Albert, Susan Witting
Atkins, Ace
Backman, Fredrik
Baldacci, David
Buntin, Julie
Clark, Mary Higgins
Deaver, Jeffery
Feller, Bruce
Fitzgerald, Frances
Hochschild, Arlie Russell
Jamison, Kay Redfield
Johansen, Iris
Lama, Dalai
Parks, Brad
Patterson, James
Rosenburg, Joel
Sandford, John
Scottoline, Lisa
Shatuck, Jessica
Shreve, Anita
Strout, Elizabeth Strout
Yokoyama, Hideo
Woods, Stuart
Stolen Beauty
The Last Chance at the Olive Ranch
Robert B. Parker's Little White Lies
The Fix
All by Myself, Along
The Burial Hour
The First Love Story
The Evangelicals
Strangers in Their Own Land
Robert Lowell, Setting the River on Fire
No Easy Target
The Book of Joy
Say Nothing
16th Seduction
Without Warning
Golden Prey
One Perfect Lie
The Women of the Castle
The Stars are on Fire
Anything is Possible
Six Four
Fast & Loose
March 2017
Youth Books
Katcher, Brian

The Improbable Theory of Ana & Zak                                 Everyone Dies in the End

Adult Books
Roberts, Nora
Macomber, Debbie
Shannon, Samantha
Winspear, Jacqueline
Iles, Greg
Coulter, Catherine
Box, C.J.
Steel, Danielle
Rosenberg, Joel
Jance, J.A.
Patterson, James
Graham, Heather
Leon, Donna
Smith, Alexander McCall
Kinsella, Sophie
Sanders, George
From This Day
If Not For You
The Song Rising
In the Grave Hour
Mississippi Blood
The Devil's Triangle
Vicious Circle
Dangerous Games
Man Overboard
The Black Book
Humans Bow Down
A Perfect Obsession
Earthy Remains
The Bertie Project
My Not So Perfect Life
Lincoln in the Bardo
February 2017
Youth Books
Bardugo, Leigh
Fox, Mem
Goldberg, Holly
Henkes, Kevin
Martin Jr., Bill
Meyer, Melissa
Oh, Ellen
Rockwell, Anne
Roth, Veronica
Rowling, J.K.
Sheinkin, Steve
Spiegelman, Nadja
Spinelli, Jerry
Steptoe, Javaka
Williams, Mo
A Sequel to Six of Crows
This & That
Spunky Little Monkey
Flying Lessons and Other Stories
Zoo Day
Carve the Mark
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Undefeated: Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indians
Lost in NYC
The Warden's Daughter
Radiant Child (Caldecott Winner)
We are Growing
Adult Books
Ackerman, Elliot
Backman, Fredrik
Beaton, M.C.
Bowen, Rhys
Cornwell, Patricia
Crombie, Deborah
Endo, Shusaku
Frankel, Laurie
Fridlund, Emily
Gaiman, Neil
Grippando, James
Johnstone, William
Kellerman, Jonathan
King, Coretta Scott
Kline, Christina
Lescroart, John
Oates, Joyce Carol
Orwell, George
Rankin, Ian
Todd, Charles
Dark at the Crossing
Britt-Marie wa Here
Death of a Ghost
In Farleigh Field
Garden of Lamentations
This is how it always is
History of Wolves
Norse Mythology
Most Dangerous Place
Guinness World Records 2017
Smoke Jensen: The Beginning
Heartbreak Hotel
My Life, My Love, My Legacy
A Piece of the World
A Book of American Martyrs
Nineteen Eighty-Four
Rather be the Devil
Racing the Devil
January 2017
Youth Books
Anderson, John David
Anderson, Laurie Halse
Ashley, Brian
Ciraola, Simora
Cooney, Caroline
Federle, Tim
Franzee, Maria
Rranzee, Maria
Graceffa, Joey
Peck, Richard
Riordan, Rick
Tokuda-Hall Maggie
Winter, Jonah
Yoon, Niciola
Ms. Bixby's Last Day
Ashes (The Seeds of America Trilogy)
Freedom over Me
The Lines on Nana's Face
I'M going to give you a Bear Hug
The Great American Whatever
The Boss Baby
The Bossier Bary
Children of Eden
The Best Man
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, the Hammer of Thor
Also an Octopus
My Name is James Madison Hemings
The Sun is also a Star
Adult Books
Auster, Paul
Backman, Fredrik
Barry, Brunonia
Berry, Julie
Bhjalian, Chris
Delaney, JP
Dickinson, Emily
French, Tana
Friedman, Thomas L.
Gardener, Lisa
Knott, Roger
Krenx, Jaye Ann
Miller, Derek B.
Patterson, James
Perry, Thomas
Pinborought, Sarah
Robb, J.D.
Roberts, Nora
Schwalbe, Will
Swanson, Peter
Shetterly, Margot Lee
Street, Danielle
Wilson, Kevin
Woods, Stuart
And Every Morning the Way Home gets Longer
The Fifthe Petal
The Passion of Dolssa
The Sleepwalker
The Girl Before
Envelope Poems
Trespasser: A Novel
Thank Yu for Being Late
Right Behind You
Rober Parker's Revelation
When all the Girls have Gone
The Girl in Green
Never, Never
The Old Man
Behind her Eyes
Echoes in Death
Island of Gass
Books for Living
Her Every Fear: A Novel
Hidden Figures: The American Dream and Untold Story
Perfect Little World
Below the Belt


December 2016
Youth Books
Appelt, Kathi
Earhardt, Ainsley
Glasgow, Kathleen
Kincaid, S.J.
Lewis, John
McLemore, Anna-Marie
Medina, Meg
Patterson, James
Sweet, Melissa
Voight, Cynthia
Maybe a fox
Take Hear My Child: A Mother's Love Story
Girl in Pieces
The Diabolic
March - Books 1, 2 and 3
When the Moon was Ours
Burn, Baby Burn
Word of Mouse
Some Writer! The Story of E. B. White
Teddy & Co.
Adult Books
Backman, Frank
Bakewell, Sarah
Chabon, Michael
Clancy, Tom
Driscoll, Sara
Gaines, Chip
Goodwin, DAisy
Greenwell, Garth
Gyasi, Yaa
Higgins, Jack
Hyde, Catherine
O'Reilly, Bill
Patterson, James
Rollins, James
Sanders, Bernie
Tebow, Tim
My Grandmother Says to Tell You She's Sorry
At the Existentialist Cafe
True Faith and Allegiance
The Lone Wolf
Magnolia Story
What Belongs to You
The Midnight Bell
Say Goodbye for Now
Killing the Rising Sun
Cross the Line
Seventh Plague
November 2016
Youth Books
Aleaner, Kwame
Asim, Jahan
Brown, Margaret Wise
Numeroff, Jaura Joffe
Stetson, Caren Barzelay
Young, Ed
Preaching to the Chickens
The Dead Bird
If Yu Give a Mouse a Brownie
Sachiko: A Nagasaki Bomb Survivor's Story
The Cat from Hunger Mountain
Adult Books
Archer, Jeggrey
Atwood, Margaret
Baldaci, David
Beatty, Paul
Chazin, Suz
Child, Lee
Cornwell, Patricia
Connelly, Michael
Clark, Mary Higgins
Cussler, Clive
Bylan, Bob
Eskens, Allen
Evanovich, Janet
Finch, Charles
Griffin, W.E.B.
Grisham, John
Hyde, Catherine
Jin, Ha
Johanson, Iris
Macomber, Debbie
Macy, Beth
Meyers, Stepahnie
Prose, Francine
Smith, Martin Cruz
Woods, Stuart
White, Randy
This was a Man
No Man's Land
The Sell-Out
No Witness but the Moon
Night School
Wrong Side of Goodbye
Sleeping Beauty Killer
Odessa Sea
The Lyrics
The Heavens May Fall
Turbo Twenty-Three
The Inheritance
Broken Trust
The Whistler
Where We Belong
The Boar Rocker
Night Watch
The Twelve Days of Christmas
The Chemist
Mr. Monkey
Girl from Venic
Sex, Lives, Serious Money
October 2016
Youth Books
Gassman, Julie
Klassen, Jon
Macaulay, David
Mcgee, Katherine
Maciver, Juliette
Meyer, Marissa
Meyer, Marissa
Noll, Amanda
Reynolds, Jacob
Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the Library
We Found a Hat
The Way Things Work Now: From Levers to Lasers
That's Not a Hippopotamus
The Thousandth Floor
Hey, That's my Monster
Memorial Gift Youth Books
Bruel, Nick
Bruel, Nick
Dean, James
Dean, James
Meltzer, Brad
Pak, Kenard
Wilson, Karma
Bad Kitty Goes to the Vet
Bad Kitty: Scaredy Cat
Pete the Cat: Snow Daze
Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes
I am George Washington
Hello Summer, Hello Autumn
Bear's Loose Tooth
Adult Books
Bennett, Brit
Carr, Robyn
Donahue, Emma
Flynn, Vince
Fuke, Joanna
Francis, Felix
Harris, Charlaine
Hildebrand, Elin
Hill, Nathan
Jiles, Paulette
Johnstone, Wm. H.
Kava, Alex
Michaels, Fern
Norton, Sheila
O"Connell, Carol
Patterson, James
Picoult, Jodi
Preston and Child
Rosenfelt, David
Sandford, John
Smith, Alexander McCall
Sparks, Nicholas
Springsteen, Bruce
Tanenbaum, Robert
Taylor, Patrick
Wohileber, Peter
The Mothers
The Life She Wants
The Wonder
Order to Kill
Christmas Caramel Murders
Triple Crown
All the Little Liars
Winter Storms
The Nix
News of the World
Edge of Violence
Reckless Creed
Fast and Loose
Oliver the Cat who Saved Christmas
Blind Sight
Small Great Things
The Obsidian Chamber
The Twelve Dogs of Christmas
Escape Clause
Precious and Grace
Two by Two
Born to Run
An Irish Country Love Story
The Hidden Life of Trees



September 2016
Youth Books
Beatty, Andres
Creech, Sharon
Cuevas, Michelle
Docherty, Helen
Hoge, Rober
Jeffers, Lovicer
Kuhlmann, Tobern
Larsen, Andrew
O'Conner, Barbara
Quinn, Spencer
Quinn, Spencer
Rhodes, Jewell Parker
Stroud, Jonathan

Teigemeier, Raina
AdaTwist: Scientist
The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles
The Storybook Knight
Ugly: A Memoir
A Child of Books
Armstron: Adventurous Journey of a Mouse to the Moon
A Squiggly Story
Towers Falling
Creeping Shadow
The Hollow Boy

Adult Books

Beaton, M.C.
Botlon, Sharon
Bradley, Alan
Bullock, Darryl
Burke, James Lee
Brunstetter, Wanda
Chiaveriani, Jennifer
Coban, Harlan
Coel, Margaret
Coleman, Ree
Cussler, Clive
Garlock, Dorothy
Gulley, Phillip
Hannah, Kristin
Jance, J.A.
Johnson, Craid
Hiassen, Carl
Kruger, Wm. Kent
LeCarre, John
Lewis, Beverly
Mizushima, Migart
Neggers, Carla
Patchell, Ann
Penny, Louise
Perry, Anne
Robb, J.D
Slaughter, Karen
Steel, Danielle
Stewart, Amy
Towles, Amor
Vance, J.D.
Pushing Up Daisies
Daisy in Chains
Thrice the Brindle Cat Hath Mew'd
Florence Jeankins: Life of the World's Worst Opera Singer
The Jealous Kind
Hawaiian Quilt
Fates and Traitors
Winter's Child
Robert Parker's Debt to Pay
Sunday Kind of Love
A Gathering of Hope
An Obvious Fate
Razer Girl
Manitoa Canyon
Pigeon Tunnel
The Wish
Stalking Ground
Liar's Key
A Great Reckoning
Revenge in a Cold River
Apprentice in Death
The Kept Woman
Rushing Waters
Girl Waits with a Gun
A Gentleman in Moscow
Hillbilly Elegy
August 2016
Youth Books
Barnhill, Kelly Rean
Carbone, Elisa
Cass, Kiera
Chima, Cinda
Dicamillo, Kate
Elliot, T.S.
Frost, Helen
Ignotogsky, Rachel
Moldavsky, Goldy
Rowland, J.K.
Schaefer, Lola M.
Vertergaard, Hope
The Girl who Drank the Moon
Diana's White House Garden
The Siren
The Wizard Heir and the Warrior Heir
Where are You Going Baby Lincoln?
Macavity - The Mystery Car
Applesauce Weather
Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers
Kill the Boy Band
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Because of an Acorn
Digger, Dozer, Dumper
Adult Books
Booth, Claire
Brown, Sandra
Coulter, Catherine
Crider, Bill
Duckworth, Angela
Feehan, Christine
Fellows, Julian
Lustbader, Erik
McHugh, Laura
Macomber, Debbie
Moriarty, Leann
Moeley, Paul
Muller, Marcia
Patterson, James
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth
Scottaline, Lisa
Ware, Ruth
Wiggs, Susan
Watson, S.J.
Whitehead, Colson
Woods, Stuart
Yates, Diane
Branson Beauty
Survivor will be Shot Again
Devious Minds
Dark Carousel
Any Minute Now
Sweet Tomorrow
Truly, Madly Quilty
The Age of Bowie (David Bowie)
Someone Always Knows
First Star I See Tonight
The Woman in Cabin 10
Family Tree
Before I Go to Sleep
The Underground Railroad
Smooth Operator
All that Matters
July 2016
Youth Books
Aston, Dianna Hutts
Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker
Friend, David
Gephart, Donna
Niven, Jennifer
Riordan, Rick
Weeks, Sarah
Weinberg, Steven
Yamada, Kobi
The Moon over Star
The War that Saved my Life
With any Luck, I'll Drive a Truck
Lily and Dunkin
All the Bright Places
Demigods & Magicians: Percy and Annabeth
Save Me a Seat
You Must be This Tall
What will You Do with a Problem?

Adult Books 

Anderson, Wayne
Atkins, Ace
Backman, Fredrik
Basc, Adrian
Deauregard, Mark
Booth, Claire
Campbell, Colin
Fairstein, Linda
Falud, Susan
Johanson, Iris
Pearson, Ridley
Rosenfelt, David
Sallis, James
Silva, Daniel
Smith, Slexander McCall
Steele, Danielle
Tyler, Anne
Ward, J. R.
Watson, Brad
Unforgettable World Wonders
The Innocents
A Man call Ove
The Whale:  A Love Story
The Branson BEauty
Free Days with George: One Very Big Dod
Killer Look
In a Dark Room
Night and Day
White Bone
The Black Wido
The Revolving Door of Life
Vinegar Girl
The Angels' Share
Miss Jane
June 2016
Youth Books
Grimes, Nikki
Hatkoff, Craig
Litchfield, David
Matson, Morgan
Neri, Greg
Nijkamp, Marleke
Riordan, Rick
Robbins, Dean
Chasing Freedom
Cecil's Pride: Story of a Lion Killed
The Bear and the Piano
The Unexpected Everything
Tru and Nellie: Story of Truman Capote
This is Where It Ends
The Hidden Oracle
Two Friends
Adult Books
Barnes, Julian
Bradfor, Barbara Taylor
Clancy, Tom
Cline, Emma
Coonts, Stephen
Evanovich, Janet
Feehan, Christine
Hamilton, Steve
Harvey, Michael
Johnston, William
King, Stephen
Meltzer, Brad
Mukherjee, Siddhartha
Miranda, Lin-Manuel
Moyes, Jojo
Patterson, James
Preston and Childs
Roberts, Nora
Schine, Cathleen
Tamebe. Karin
Tuttle, C.D.
Woods, Stuart
The Noise of Time
The Cavendon Luck
Duty and Honor
The Girls
Liberty's Last Stand
The Pursuit
Shadow Rider
The Secret Life of Nick Mason
A Colorado Christmas
End of Watch
House of Secrets
Hamilton: The Revolution
Me Before You
Private Rio: The Game
Beyond the Ice Limit
Bay of Signs
They May Not Mean But They Do
The Gilded Years
Kane Moss
Dishonorable Intentions
May 2016
Youth Books
Barnet, Ma
Bush Laura
Claire, Cassandra
Dinerstein, Eric
Grisham, John
Novesky, Amy
Ruzzler, Sergio
Seven, John
Sherman, Alexie
Smith, Dana
Wolk, Dana
President Taft is Stuck in the Bath!
Our Great Big Back Yard
Lady Midnight
What Elephants Know
Theodore Boone: The Scandal
Cloth Lullaby Woven Life of Louise Bourgeois
This is not a Picture Book
Frankie Liked to Sing
Thunder Boy, Jr
Artic White
Wolf Hollow
Adult Books
Albert, Susan Wittig
Atkins, Ace
Barr, Nevada
Brown, Rita Mae
Devereaux, Jude
Eidrich, Louis
Estleman, Loren
Fournier, Ron
Harris, Charlaine
Hart, John
Haslett, Adam
Howard, Linda
Johnston, Craig
Kingsbury, Karen
Martin, Steve
Nguyen, Viet Than
Ovenstein, Peggy
Patterson, James
Russo, Richard
Steel, Danielle
Wheeler, Richard
Blood Orange
Robert Parker's Slowburn
Bear Island
Tall Tail
The Girl from Summer Hill
Cape Hell
Love That Boy
Night Shift
Redemption Road
Imagine Me Gone
The Highwayman
Brush of Wings
Blood Flag
Girls and Sex
The 15th Affair
Everybody's Foot
The Apartment
Easy Pickings
April 2016
Youth Books
Brown, Peter
DiCarmillo, Kate
Marcotte, Danielle
Santat, Don
Tullet, Herve
Tullet, Herve
Tullet, Herve
The Wild Robot
Raymie Nightengale
Mom, Dad, Our Books and Me
Are We There Yet?
Let's Play
Mix It Up
Press Here
Adult Books
Baldacci, David
Berry, Steve
Carr, Robyn
Calrke, Mary Higgins
Cobin, Harlon
Engle, Richard
Fitzpatrick, Alan
Johansen, Iris
King, Lauri
Kutsakake, Lynne
Lewis, Beverly
Michaels, Fern
O'Brian, Edna
Patterson, James
Quick, Amanda
Roberts, Nora
Rollins, James
Rosenfelt, David
Sandford, John
Scotteline, Lisa
Smith, Dominic
Sweeny, Cynthia D'Aprix
Wheeler, Richard
Woods, Stuart
The Last Mile
The 14th Colony
What We Find
As Time Goes By
Fool Me Once
And then all Hell Broke Loose
The Highest Glass Ceiling
Hide Away
The Murder of Mary Russell
The Translation of Love
The Atonement
No Safe Secret
Little Read Chairs
Private Parts
'Til Death Do Us Part
 The Obsessin
War Hawk
Black OUt
Extreme Prey
Most Wanted
The Last Painting of Sara De Vas
The Next
FAmily Jewels
March 2016
Youth Books
Barnett, Mac
Singer, Marilyn
Spirea, Ashley
Williams, David
Woolivan, Bethan
The Terrible Two
Echo, Echo, Reverso Poems
Over-Scheduled Andrew
Demon Dentist
Little Red
Adult Books
Benjamin, Melanie
Binchy, Maeve
Box, CJ
Brundage, Elizabeth
Chevlier, Tracy
Cussler, Clive
Deaver, Jeffrey
Feehan, Christine
Guinn, Jeff
Howard, Hugh
Jance, J.A.
Jefferson, T. Parker
Leon, Donna
McHugh, Laura
Malcom X
Macomber, Debbie
Mizushima, Margaret
Patterson, James
Perry, Anne
Peterson, Tracie
Pope Francis
Sacks, Oliver
Steel, Dannielle
Stinson, Patricia
Tripp, Dawn
White, Randy Wayne
The Swans of 5th Avenue
A Few of the Girls
Off the Grid
All Things Cease to Appear
At the Edge of the World
The Gangster
The Steel Kiss
Dark Promises
Buffalo Trail
The Painter's Chair
Crazy Blood
The Waters of Eternal Youth
The Weight of Blood
Autobiography of Malcom X
A Girl's Guide to Moving On
Killing Trail
Treachery of Lancaster Gate
A Treasure Concealed
The Name of God is Mercy
Property of a Noble Woman
Wild River
Deep Blue
February 2016
Youth Books
Anderson, Lauri
Del Rio, Tonia
Fan, Terry (The Fan Brothers)
Funke, Cornelia
Grant, Michael
Grant, Michael
Grant, Michael
Grant, Michael
Henkes, Kevin
Mantchev, Lisa
Pennypacker, Sara
Podus, Rebecca
Riordon, Rick
Viorst, Judith
Warren the 13th and the All-Seeing Eye
The Night Gardener
The Golden Yarn
Front Lines
When Spring Returns
Strictly No Elephants
The Mystery of Hollow Places
Manus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
What Are You Glad About
Adult Books
Archer, Jeffrey
Beaton, M.C.
Beaton, M.C.
Brunstetter, Wanda
Coonts, Stephen
Dionne, E.J. Jr.
Ferrante, Elena
Ferrante, Elena
Ferrante, Elena
Fluke, Joanna
Kalanithi, Paul
Knott, Robert
Lahari, Jhumpa
Mayer, Jane
Martel, Yann
Robb, J.D.
Cometh the Hour
Dishing the Dirt
Death of a Nurse
The Restoration
The Art of War
Why the Right Went Wrong
Story of the Last Child
The Story of the New Name
Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay
Wedding Cake Murders
When Breath Becomes Air
Robert Parker's Blackjack
In Other Words
Dark Money
The High Mountains of Portugal
Brotherhood in Death
December 2015
Youth Books
Drummond, Ree
Drummond, Ree
Jenkins, Emily
Kelly, Jacqueline
Matlick, Lindsay

Sheinken, Steve

Tarply, Todd
Waber, Bernard
Wallach, Tommy
Yoon, Nichole
Charlie the Ranch Dog: Snow Day
Charlie the Ranch Dog: Rock Star
Toys Meet Snow
The Curious World of Calpurna Tate
Finding Winnie: The True Story of the Famous Bear
Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsbery and the Secret HIstory of the Vietnam War
Beep! Beep! Go to Sleep
Ask Me
We All Looked Up
Everything, Everything
Adult Books
Album, Mitch
Andres, Sally
Bragg, Rick
Burke, James Lee
Clancy, Tom
Cussler, Clive
Fanate, Elena
Gerritson, Tess
Grey, Sane
Hwake, Ethan
Krentz, Jane
L'Amour, Louis
Moody, Rich
Roberts, Nora
Steele, Danielle
Tobin, Colm
The Magic Strings of Frankie Reso,
 Recipes for Love and Murder
 My Southern Journey
 House of the Rising Sun
 Commander in Chief
 The Pharaoh's Secret
 My Brilliant Friend
  Playing with Fire
 The Water Hole
 Roles for a Knight
  Secret Sister
 The Rider of Lost Creek
 Hotels of North America
 Start of Fortune
 Precious Gifts
November 2015
Youth Books
Barnett, Mac
Barnett, Mac
Gino, Alex
Jenkins, Emily
Martin, Emily Winfield
Pizzoli, Greg
Willems, Mo
Willems, MO
The Skunk
Leo: A Ghost Story
A Fine Dessert
A Wonderful Thing You Will Be
Tricky Vic
The Story of Diva and Flea
I Really Like Slop
Adult Books
Baldacci, Michael
Boase, Tessa
Clark, Mary Higgins
Miller, Arthur
Connelly, MIchael
Cornwell, Patricia
Drummond, Dru
Evanovich, Janet
Galbraith, Robert
George, Elizabeth

Houellebecq, Michael
Irving, John
Johnston, William
Kellerman, Jonathon
Larson, Kte Clifford
Meachan, John
Morton, Kate
O'Reilly, Bill
Patterson, James
Perry, Anne
Preston, Lee
Raine, William Macleod
Riede, Michael
Rendle, Ruth
Robards, Karen
Schiff, Stacy
Shapiro, B.A.
Smith, Alexander McCall
Taylor, Patrick
The Guilty
The Housekeeper's Fate
All Dressed in White
Collected Plays of Arthur Miller
The Crossing
Depraved Heart
The Promise
 Pioneer Woman's Cookbook
Tricky Twenty-Two
Career of Evil
Banquet of Consequence
Guinness World Records 2016
Avenue of Mystery
A Texas Hill Country Christmas
The Golem of Pris
Destiny and Power
Lake House
Killing Reagan
Cross Justice
A Christmas Escape
Crimson Shore
The Sherriff's Son (Large Print)
Razzle Dazzle
Dark Corners
Last Time I Saw Her
 The Witches
The Muralist
The Woman Who Walked
An Irish Doctor in Love and at Sea
August 2015
Daywalt, Drew
Doodler, Todd
Isabella, Jude
Maguire, Gregory
Niemann, Christoph
Palacia, R. J.
Primavera, Elise
Smiley, Jane
Smtih, Lane
The Day the Crayons Came Home
The Red Bicycle
Egg and Spoon
The Potato Kind
Auggie and Me
Ms. Rapscott's Girls
The Georges and the Jewel
Return to Auggie Hoble
Adult Books
Brown, Sandra
Buck, Rinker
Carr, Robyn
Carter, Jimmy
Clark, Mary Higgins
Coates, Ta-Nehisi
Dean, Doren
Dlinsky, Barbar
George, Nina
Jackson, Shirley
Kellerman, Jonathan
McCaskell, Claire
Patterson, James
Reichs, Kathy
Robinson, Lee
Weiner, Jennifer
The Oregon Trail
A New Hope
A full Life
The Melody Lingers On
Between the World and Me
Far Beyond the Pale
Little Paris Book Shop
Let Me Tell You
The Murderer's Daughter
Plenty Ladylike
Speaking in Bones
Lawyer for the Dog
Who Do You Love
July 2015
Youth Books
Andrews, Jessie
Beatty, Robert
Boynston, Sandra
Buyea, Robert
Chainani, Soman
Messner, Kate
Parsley, Elise
Seuss, Dr.
Urban, Linda
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Serafina and the Black Cloak
Spooky Pookie
Saving Mr. Terupt
The Last Ever After (Book 3)
How to Read a Good Story
If You Ever Want to Bring and Alligator to School, Don't
What Pet Should I Get
Little Red Henry
Adult Books
Clancy, Tom
Coulter, Catherine
Crawford, Robert
Frank, Dorothea Benton
Hornby, Gill
Hughes, Andrew
Johanson, Iris
Kava, Alex
Kroll, Jessica
Lee, Harper
Lewis, Beverly
Lowell, Elizabeth
McCreight, Kimberly
Paretsky, Sara
Quinn, Spencer
Rosenfelt, David
Shirer, William
Smith, Alexander McCall
Thor, Brad
Turtledove, Harry
Winslow, Don
Woods, Stuart
Young Elliot from St. Louis
All the Single Ladies
All Together Now
The Conviction of John Delahunt
The Naked Eye
Silent Creed
Luckiest Girl Alive
Go Set a Watchman
The Secret
Perfect Touch
Where They Found Her
Brush Back
Scents and Sensibilities
Who Let the Dogs Out
Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
The Hovel Habits of Happiness
Code of Conduct
Bombs Away
Naked Greed
June 2015
Youth Books
Agee, Jon
Dessen, Sarah
Frazee, Maria
Frost, Helen
Kinsella, Sophie
Picoult, Jodi
Rundell, Katherine
Schatz, Kae
It's Only Stanley
Saint Anything
The Farmer and the Clown
Sweep Up the Sun
Finding Audrey
Off the Page
Cartwheeling in Thunderstorms
Red American Women
Adult Books
Attenberg, Jamie
Balogh, Mary
Barrows, Annie
Bradford, Barbara Taylor
Brokow, Tom
Brunstetter, Wanda
Daveraux, Jude
Farrow, John
Hart, Carolyn
Haruf, Kent
Hilderbrand, Erin
King, Stephen
Meltzer, Brad
Nelson, Willie
Oliveira, Robin
Patterson, James
Steele, Danielle
Stephenson, Neal
West, Charles
Yahagihara, Hanya
Saint Mazie
Only a Promise
The Truth According to Us
The Cavendon Women
A Lucky Life Interrupted
The Decisions
Ever After
The Storm Murders
Don't Go Home
Our Souls at Night
The Rumor
Finders Keepers
The President's Shadow
It's a Long Story
I Always Loved Your
Truth or Die
Trial at Fort Keogh
A Little Life
May 2015
100 juvenile paperbacks books were donated by the Forbes family in honor of the library centennial.  They are available for checkout
In addition the library has purchased new SE Board Books and youth books using money from the "Race to Read" Grant.  These books are also available for checkout.
Youth Books
Atfinoski, Steven
Dean, James
Hwakins, Rachel
Smith, Andrew
The Story of Juneteenth
Pet the Cat:  Groovy Guide to Life
Rebel Belle
Grasshopper  Jungle
Adult Books
Allen, Nancy
Atkins, Ace
Atkinson, Kate
Baldacci, David
Bedford, Sybil
Brown, Rita Mae
Bruni, Fern
Carr, Robyn
Cockborn, Patrick
Cozzens, Donals
Cussler, Clive
Dailey, Janet
Deaver, Jeffrey
DeMille, Nelson
Estleman, Loren
Gruen, Sara
Handler, Daniel
Harris, Charlene
Helton, Peter
Hillerman, Anne
Johanson, Iris
Johnson, Craig
Kingsbury, Karen
Leon, Donna
Lewis, Beverly
McCullough, David
Martini, Steve
Morrison, Toni
Nesbo, Jo
Oats, Joyce Carol
Orian, Stewart
Parssinen, Keija
Patterson, James
Sachs, Oliver
Sandford, John
Smiley, Jane
Smith, Alexander McCall
White, Randy
A Killing at the Creek
Robert Parker's Kick Back
A God in Ruins
Memory Man
A Legacy
Tall Gate
Where You Go is Not What You'll Be
Never Too Late
The Rise of Islamic State
Master of Ceremonies
Texas Tough
Solitude Creek
Radiant Angel
The Long High Noon
At the Water's Edge
We are Pirates
Day Shift
A Good Way to Go
Rock with Wings
Your Next Breath
Dry Bones
Angel's Walking
Falling in Love
The Love Letters
The Wright Brothers
Enemy Inside
God Help the Child
Blood on the Snow
Jack of Spades
West of Sunset
The Unraveling of Mercy
The 14th Deadly Sin
One the Move
Gathering Prey
Early Morning
Emma: The Retelling
Cuba Straits
January 2015
Youth Books
Benson, Christopher Paul
Davis, Kathryn
Martin, Ann
Smith, Andrew
Spier, Peter
Van Allsburg, Chris
Weatherford, Carol Boston
Whaley, John
The Madman of Piney Woods
Mr. Ferris and his Wheel
Rain Reign
011 Sideways Miles
The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night
The Misadventures of Sweetie Pie
Leontyne Price:  Voice of a Century
Adult Books
Abel, James
Armstrong, Karen
Bradley, Alan
Coile, D. Caroline, Ph.D.
Guwande, Atule
Hawkins, Paul
Ortill, Jenny
Pyne, Daniel
Simpson, Greme
Steel, Danielle
Woods, Stuart
White Plague
Field of Blood
As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust
Being Mortal
The Girl on the Train
Department of Speculation
Fifty Mice
The Rosie Effect
A Perfect Life
Insatiable Appetites
December 2014
Youth Books
Blackwell, Sophie
Colon, Saul
Davis, Nicola
Donofrio, Beverly
Gordon, Amy
Grill, William
Pollacco, Patricia
The Baby Tree
The Promise
Where's Mommy
The Shadow Collector's Apprentice
Shackelton's Journey
Thank You, Mr. Falker
Adult Books
Clark, Mary Higgins
Cussler, Clive
Dallas, Sandra
Diamont, Anita
Hall, Parnell
Higgins, Jack
Hobbs, Jeff
Johnson, Denis
Klay, Phil
Klein, Naomi
Paul, Pamela
Shipstead, Maggie
The Cinderella Murder
Havana Storm
A Quilt for Christmas
the Boston Girl
Rain on the Dead
Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace
Laughing Monsters
That Changes Everything
By the Book
Astonish Me
November 2014
Youth Books
Claire, Cassandra
Gaiman, Neil
Jeffers, Oliver
Kenny, Jeff
Redmont, E.S.
Riordan, Rick
Rocco, John
Rocklin, Joanne
Rubino-Broadway, Caition
Schrefer, Eliot
Southerland, Twi
Vasafzaie, Malala
City of Heavenly Fires
Hansel and Gretel
Once Upon an Alphabet
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Hunt
Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo
The Blood of Olympus
The Five Lives of our Cat Zook
Ordinary Magic
Against the Tide
I am Malala
Adult Books
Baldacci, David
Christie, Alix
Cornwell, Patricia
Connelly, Michael
Evanovich, Janet
Faber, Michael
Feehan, Christine
Flanagan, Richard
Hallinan, Timothy
Harris, Neil Patrick
Katz, Jon
King, Stephen
Mander, Emily St. John
Mantel, Hilary
Mott, Jason
Munroe, Randel
O'Reilly, Bill
Picoult, Jodi
Rendell, Ruth
The Escape
Gutenberg's Apprentice
Flesh and Blood
The Burning Room
The Job
Book of Strange New Things
Dark Blood
Narrow Road to the Deep North
For the Dead
Choose your own Autobiography
Saving Simon
Station Eleven
The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher
The Wonder of All Things
What If
Killing Patton
Leaving Time
The Girl Next Door
October 2014
Youth Books
Davies, Benji
Holm, Jennifer
Novack, B.J.
Richards, Keith
Seuss, Dr.
Stein, David Ezra
Willems, MO
The Storm Whale
The Fourteenth Goldfish
The Book with No Pictures
Gus and Me
Horton and the Kwagger Bug and other Lost Stories
I'm my own Dog
My Friend is Fun
Adult Books
Brand, Max
Brown, Sandra
Coban, Harlon
Coulter, Catherine
Grisham, John
Gulley, Philip
Johanson, Iris
Lemer, Ben
Lewis, Beverly
Patterson, James
Reichs, Kathy
Rice, Anne
Robinson, Marylyn
Sandford, John
Smiley, Jane
Smith, Alexander McCall
Steele, Danielle
Ward, Jeffrey
Wood, Stuart
The Tracker
Mean Streak
The Lost Key
Gray Mountain
A Place Called Hope
The Perfect Witness
The River
Bones Never Lie
Prince Lestat
Some Luck
The Handsome Man's Deluxe Cafe
Companion to the Roosevelts' (PBS special)
Paris Match
September 2014
August 2014
Youth Books
Bausum, Ann
Durham, Paul
Hahn, Rebecca
Kang, Anna
Polocca, Patricia
Torday, Piers
Zobel-Nolen, Allie
Stubby the War Dog
The Luck Uglies
A Creature of the Moonlight
You are (not) Small
Mr. Wayne's Masterpiece
The Last Will
What I Like About Me
Adult Books
Bloom, Amy
Boggs, Johnny
Carr, Vickie
Crider, Bill
Croke, Vicki
Franco, James
Frank, Dorothea Benton
Harkness, Deborah
Kruger, William
Lynch, Paul
McIntyre, Ben
 Overholster, Wayne
Penny, Louise
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth
Piketty, Thomas
Quinn, Spen
Smith, Alexander McCall
Thomas, Rosie
Winspear, Jacqueline
Lucky Us
The Killing Trail
The Promise
Half in Love with Artful Death
The Elephant Company
Directing Herbert White
The Hurricane Sisters
The Book of Life
Windigo Island
Red Sky in the Morning
A Spy Among Friends
Skull Mesa
The Long Way Home
Heroes are My Weakness
Capital in the 21st Century
Paw and Order
Sunshine on Scotland Street
The Illusionists
The Care and Management of Lies
July 2014
Youth Books
Balakemore, Megan
Boyne, John
Drummond, Ree
Farrant, Natasha
Federle, Time
Fitzgerald, Laura
Graff, Lisa
Harper, Charise
Hurley, Joey
Lloyd-Jones, Sally
Shannon, David
Sierra, Judy
Sis, Peter
Watson, Jude
The Spy Catchers of Noble Hall
Stay Where You Are and Then Leave
Charlie and the Christmas Kitten
After Iris
Five, Six, Seven
Under the Egg
Absolutely Almost
Go! Go! Go! Stop!
Poor Doreen: A Fishy Tale
Bugs in my Hair
E-I-E-I-O: How Old McDonald Got His Farm
The Pilot and the Little Prince
Loot:  How to Steal a Fortune
Adult Books
Bohjalian, Chris
Bouman, Tom
Brown, Rita Mae
Burke, James Lee
Howarth, Lisa
Jance, J.A.
Johnson, Iris
Koontz, Dean
Koryla, Michael
Michaels, Fern
Osnos, Evan
Patterson, James
Weiner, Jennifer
Wiggs, Susan
Woods, Stuart
Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands
Dry One in the Valley
Nine Lives to Die For
Wayfaring Stranger
Flying Shoes
Remains of Innocence
Sight Unseen
The City
Those Who Wish Me Dead
Kiss and Tell
The Book of Ambition
All Fall Down
The Beekeeper's Ball
Cut and Thrust
June 2014
Youth Books
Dean, James
Dewdry, Anna
Federho, Time
Harrison, Kenny
Henry, April
Lockhart, E.
Pritchard, Diana
Spinelli, Eileen
Weston, Carol
Wyde, Eva
Pete the Cat:  Twinkle Twnikle Little Star
Nelly Gnu and Daddy too
Better Nate than Ever
Hide and Seek Harry at the Beach
Girl Stolen
We were Liars
The Cow in Patrick O'Shannihan's Kitchen
Another Day as Emily
Ava and Pip
All the Birds Singing
Adult Books

Binchy, Mauve
Clinton, Hilary
Cussler, Clive

Doerr, Anthony
Elkins, Kimberly
Evanovich, Janet
Gaboldon, Elin
Henderson, Smith
King, Stephen
Lethem, Jonathan
Lewis, Beverly
McManus, Patrick
McNurtry, Larry
Nesbo, Jo
Pearson, Ridley
Rappaport, Helen
Tucker, Neely

Chestnut Street
Hard Choices
Ghost Ship
All the Light We Cannot See
What is Visible
Top Secret
The Matchmaker
Fourth of July Creek
Mr. Meredes
Dissident Gardens
Child of Mine
Circles in the Snow
The Last Kind Words Saloon
The Son
The Red Room
The Romanov Sisters
The Ways of the Dead
May 2014
Youth Books
Arcos, Carrie
Bruell, Nick
Crowell, Cressida
Drummond, Ree
Ehlert, Lois
Frost, Helen
Krosoczka, Jarrett
O"Connor, Sheila
Rabinowitz, Alan
Willems, Mo
Out of Reah
Badd Kietty School Daze
Complete book of Dragons:  How to Train....
Charley goes to School
Charley and the New Baby
The Scrap Books:  Notes from a Colorful Past
 Peanut Butter and Jelly Fish
Sparrow Road
A Boy and a Jaguar
Pigeon Needs a Bath
Adult Books
Begley, Adam
Brown, Daniel James
Cummings, Claire Hope
Cunningham, Michael
Evans, Richard Paul
Fountain, Ben
Friedman, Daniel
Harris Charlene
Iles, Greg
Johnson, Craig
Lewis, Beverly
Michaels, Fern
Parker, Robert
Patterson, James
Prose, Francine
Roberts, Robin
 Sandford, John
Simsion, Graeme
Warren Elizabeth
Watson, Jan Elizabeth
The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans . . .
Skin Camp
Uncertain Peril
Snow Queen
Walking on Water
The Long Halftime Walk
Don't Ever Look Back
Midnight Crossroad
Natchez Burning
Another Name
The last Bride
A family Affair
Cheap Shot
Unlucky Thirteen
Lovers at the Chemeleon Club, Paris 1932
Everybody's Got Something
Field of Prey
The Roie Project
A Fighting Chance
What had Become of You
April 2014
Youth Books
Baliett, Blue
Best, Cori
Brahares, Ann
Drumond, Dee
Elvgren, Jennifer
Kessler, Liz
Lloyd, Natalie
Phifer, Larry
Roco, John
Willems, MO
Hold Fast
A Perfect Day for Digging
The Here and Now
Charlie the Ranch Dog:  Charlie's Snow Day
The Whispering Town
North of Nowhere
A Snicker of Magic
World on a String
Swim that Rock
Pigeon Needs a Bath
Adult Books
Atkinson, Joe
Baldacci, David
Barnett, Kristine
Barr, Neveda
Boggs, Johnny
Clark, Mary Higgins
Cobin, Harlan
Donoghue, Dee
Glass, Julie
Harris, Don
Harris, Charlaine
Johanson, Iris
Leon, Donna
Malamud, Bernard
Malamud, Bernard
Mengestu, Dinca
Michaels, Fern
Roberts, Nora
Roberts, Nora
Robinson, Peter
Steinhauer, Olin
Woods, Stuart
Zevin, Gabriella
Life After Life
The Target
The Spark:  Mother and Autism
Destroyer Angel
Poison Spring
I've Got You Under My Skin
Missing You
Frog Music
Pioneer Woman's Cookbook
And the Dark Sacred Night
10% Happier
Games Creatures Play
Live to See
By Its Cover
Novels & Stories of 1940s-1950s
Novels & Stories of the 1960s
All Our Names
The Collector
Shadow Spell
Children of the Revolution
Cairo Affair
Carnal Curiosity
The Story and Life of A. J. Fikry
March 2014
Youth Books
Anderson, Lauri
Baldacci, David
Berlie, Mary C. (Illustrated by Peggy Guest)
Broach, Elise

Calkhavern, Lauri
Carle, Eric
Hicks, Betty
Isaacs, Anner
McHugh, Laur
Peck, Richard
The Impossible Knife of Memory
The Finisher
J. Milton Turner
Missing on Superstition Mountain (Mark Twain Award Nominee)
Will at the Battle of Gettysburg (Mark Twain Award Nominee)
What's Your Favorite Animal?
the Wrom Whisperer
Meanwhile Back at the Ranch
The Weight of Blood
The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail
Adult Books
Archer, Jeffrey
Box, C.J.
Cash, Wiley
Cotton, Ralph
Deaver, Jeffrey
Greene, Amy
Harris, Robert
Heat-Moon, William Least
Hoffman, Alice
Kassinger, Ruth
Kolbert, Elizabeth
LaPlante, Alice
Moore, Lauri
Oke, Janette
Riggs, Ransome
Steele, Danielle
White, Ralph
Be Careful What You Wish For.
Stone Cold
The Dark Road to Mercy
Summer's Horses
Trouble in Mind
Long Man
The Officer and a Spy
An Osage Journey to Europe
Museum of Extraordinary Things
A Garden of Marvels
Sixth Extinctions
A Circle of Wives
When Courage Calls
Hollow City
Power Play
Bone Deep
February 2014
Youth Books
Beaty, Andrew
Beaty, Daniel
Brown, Peter
Finn, Alex
Freeman, Annette
Jenkins, Steve
Sedgewick, Marcus
Stone, Tanya Lee
Williams-Garcia, Rita
Yonezu, Yusake
Rosie Reveer, Engineer
Knock, Knock: My Daddy's Dream for Me
Mr. Tiger Goes Wild
Love You More than Anything
The Animal Book
Midwinter Blood
Courage has No Color
P.S.  Be Eleven
We Love Each Other
Adult Books
Allen, Jonathon
Allende, Isabel
Andrews, V.C.
Beaton, J.C.
Bradley, Alan
Catucci, Nick
Cook, Robyn
Doctorow, E. L.
Edsel, Robert
Jance, Judith
Kellerman, Johnathon
Killmeade, Bryan
Kushner, Rachel
Least Heat-Moon, William
Oats, Joyce Carol
Patterson, James
Quinlen, Ann
Robards, Karen
Robb, J.D.
Schteyngart, Gary
Six-Smith, Martin
Smith, Alexander McCall
Wendell, Barry
HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton
The Unwelcomed Child
Death of a Policeman
The Dead in their Violated Arches
The Martian Andy Weir
Andrew's Brain
Monument Men
Moving Target
George Washington's Secret Six
The Flame Thrower
PrairyErth: A Deep Map
Private LA
Still Life with Bread Crumbs
The Last Kiss Goodbye
Concealed in Death
Little Failure
The Forever Girl
Jay Beer Crow

January 2014
Youth Books
Berry, Julie
Britt, Fanny
Eaton, Jason
Floca, Brian
Grabenstein, Chris
Nelson, Kadir
Strasser, Todd
All the Truth that's in Me
Jane, the Fox and Me
How to Train a Train
Locomotive (Caledcott Award winner)
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library
Anna was Here
Nelson Mandela
Adult Books
Twain, Mark
Harrison, Jim
Lepore, Jill
Moriarity, Liane
Weir, Alison
Soloman, Deborah
Northrup, Solomon
Kerman, Piper
Abrams, J. J.
Chiaverini,  Jennifer
Feehan, Christine
Furstenau, Nina
Frustenau, Nina

Kidd, Sue Monk
Knott, Robert
Michaels, Fern
Patterson, James
Robards, Karen
Woods, Stuart
Krentz, Jayne Ann
Miller, Linda Lael
Johnston, William
Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 2
Brown Dog
Book of Ages: The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin
The Husband's Secret
Elizabeth of York
American Mirror:  The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell
12 Years a Slave
Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison
Mrs. Lincoln's Rival
Dark Wolf
Savor Missouri: Rive Hill Country Food and Wine
Biting through the Skin:  An Indian Kitchen in America's Heartland
The Invention of Wings
Robert Parker's Bull River
First Love
Standup Guy
River Road
Bky Sky Wedding
Rocky Mountain Christmas
November 2013
Youth Books
Anderson, John David
Appelt, Kathi
Deer, Neal Proud
DiCamillo, Kate
Henkes, Kevin
Kadahata, Cynthia
McNeal, Tom
Rockwell, Anne
Rosoff, Meg
Roth, Veronica
Yang, Gen Luen
Side Kicked
The True Blue Scounts of Sugar Man Swamp
Hector Hissiod
Flora and Ulysses
The Year of Billy Miller
The Thing about Luck
Far Fay Away
Hey Charleston
Picture Me Gone
Boxers and Saints
Adult Books
Album, Mitch
Baldacci, David
Bryson, Bill
Catton, Eleanor
Cornwell, Paticia
Duffy, P.S.
Evanovich, Janet
Fielding, Helen
Flagg, Fannie
Gladwell, Malcolm
Grisham, John
Katz, Jon
King, Stephen
Kingsbury, Karen
Lahari, Jhumba
Lamb, Wally
Patterson, James
Scottoline, Lisa
Setterfeld, Diane
Shreve, Anita
Smith, Alexander McCall
Steel, Danielle
Stone, Robert
Tartt, Donna
Wheeler, Sara
First Phone Call from Heaven
King and Maxwell
 One Summer
The Luminaries
Cartographer of No Man's Land
Takedown Twenty
Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy
The All-Girl Last Filling Station Reunion
David and Goliath
Sycamore Row
Second Chance Dog
Doctor Sleep
Fifteen Minutes
The Lowland
We are Water
Bellman and Black
Stella Bain
The Minor Adjustments/ Beauty Salon #1
Death of a Black-Haired Girl
The Goldfinch
O My America
October 2013
Youth Books
Litwin, Eric
Ludwig, Trudy
MacLachlin, Patricia
Snicket, Lemony
Willems, Mo

Riordan, Rick
Dorchety, Helen
Lithglow, John
Pollaco, Patricia
Woodson, Jacqueline
Friend, Catherine
Wells, Robert E.
Pete the Cat and Magic Sunglasses
The Invisible Boy
Snowflakes Fall
When Did You See Her Last?
I am a Frog
House of Hades
The Snatchabook
Never Play Music Next to the Zoo
The Blessing Cup
This is the Rope
Barn Boot Blues
Adult Books
Brandman, Michael
Brown, Rita Mae
Butler, Robert Olen
Cameron, Bruce
Chiaverini, Jennifer
Child, Lee
Cotton, Ralph
Deaver, Jeffrey
Drabble, Margaret
Gilbert, Elizabeth
Halperin, Mark
Hawking, Stephen
Hillerman, Anne
Johanson, Iris
Johnstone, William
Kent, Kathleen
Lethem, John
McDermott, Alice
Paretsky, Sarah
Parker, Robert
Rice, Anee
Robinson, Roxanne
Sandford, John
Scott, A.
Taylor, Patrick
Woods, Stuart
Robert Parker's Damned
Litter of the Law
The Star of Istanbul
The Dogs of Christmas
The Spy Mistress
Never Go Back
Lawless Trail
The October List
Pure Gold Baby
Just One Evil Act
The Signature of All Things
In Sunshine and in Shadows
My Brief History
Spider Woman's Daugher
Silencing Eve
The Outcasts
Dissident Gardens
Critical Mass
Silent Night
Wolves of Midwinter
Fingal O'Reilly: Irish Doctor
Doing Hard Time

September 2013
Youth Books
Becker, Aaron
Halliman, P.K.
Leyson, Leon
Murphy, Clair R.
Long, Susan Hill
Voight, Cynthia
Johnson, J.J.
The Looking Book
The Boy on the Wooden Box
Marching with Aunt Susa
Whistle in the Dark
Mister Max:  Story of Things Lost
This Girl is Different

 Adult Fiction

Archer, Jeffrey
Barnhardt, Wilton
Barkley, Linwood
Brown, Sandra
Coel, Margaret
Cussler, Clive
DeMille, Nelson
Francis, Felix
Grafton, Sue
Jance, J.A.
Johansen, Iris
Kennelly, Thomas
Kline, Christina
Lewis, Beverly
Luttrell, Sharon
McBride, James
Morgan, Robert
Patterson, James
Peery, Anne
Petersen, Tracie
Reiches, Kathy
Robb, J.D.
Sparks, Nicholas
White, Randy
The Best Kept Secret
Lookaway, Lookaway
A Tap on the Window
Killing Custer
Mayan Secrets
The Quest
Dick Francis:  Refusal
W is for Wasted (Large and regular print editions)
Second Watch
Hunting Eve
The Daughters of Mars
Orphan Train
The Secret Keeper
Weekends with Daisy
The Good Lord Bird
The Road from Gap Creek
Second Honeymoom
Blind Justice
The Miner's Justice
Bones of the Lost
Thankless in Death
The Longest Ride
The Maid's Version
Adult Non-Fiction
Haygood, Joe
Shields, David
The Butler
Guinness World Book of Records - 2014
July 2013
Youth Books
Altes, Marta
Davies, Matt
Fleischman, Paul
Heos, Bridget
Tutu, Desmond
My Grandpa
Ben Rides On
The Matchbox Diary
Mustache Baby
Desmond and the Very Mean Word
Young Adult
Murdoch, Emily
Smith, Andrew
If You Find Me
Adult Books
Bohjalian, Chris
Burke, James Lee
Charleson, Susanah
Compton, Ralph
Cotton, Ralph
Cussler, Clive
Delinsky, Barbara
Rank, Dorothea Benton
Gaiman, Neil
McCann, Colum
McCorkle, Jill
McHanry, Timothy
Niven, Larry
Perry, Anne
Rice, Luann
The Light in the Ruins
Light of the World
The Possibility Dogs
Down of Gila River
Red Moon
Zero Hour
Sweet Salt Air
The Last Original Wife
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Life After Life
A Leg to Stand On
Goliath Stone
Blind Justice
The Lemon Orchard
June 2013
Youth Books
Alexander, Claire
Clifton, Lutricia
Foley, Lizzie K.
Goldish, Meish
Green, John
Kennedy, Caroline
Key, Watt
Lowell, Susan
Rinker, Sherri Duskey
Back to Front and Upside Down
Freaky Fast Frankie Joe
Dolphins in the Navy
An Abundance of Katherines
Poems to Learn by Heart
Four Mile
The Three Little Javelinas
Steam Train, Dream Train

Adult Non-Fiction

Hessler, Peter
Martinez, Domingo
Strange Stories
Boy King of Texas
Adult Fiction
Allende, Isobelle
Baldacci, David
Berry, Steve
Brown, Dan
Deaver, Jeffrey
Evanovich, Janet
Evans, Richard Paul
Godwin, Gail
Hoag, Tami
Hosseini, Khaled
Johnson, Craig
King, Stephen
LeCarre, John
Lovett, Charlie
Martin, George
Patterson, James
Michaels, Fern
Pearson, Ridley
Quick, Amanda
Sanders, David
Smith, Alexander McCall
Walls, Jeanette
Maya's Notebook
The Hit (Large print)
The King's Deception
The Inferno
The Kill Room
The Heist
Miles to Go
Bad Monkey
The 9th Girl
And the Mountain Echoes
A Serpent's Tooth
A Delicate Truth
The Bookman's Tale
A Game of Thieves
12th of Never (Large print)
Choke Point
The Mystery Woman
Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls
Trains and Lovers
The Silver Star


May 2013
Elementary Fiction
Bridges, Shirin
Monroe, Chris
Snicket, Lemony
Mary Wrightly, So Politel
Dookie the Walker
The Dark
Juvenile Fiction
Williams, Sarah D. Palace Beautiful
Elementary and Juvenile Non-Fiction
Harness, Cheryl
Krull, Kathleen
Markel, Michelle
Stone, Tanya Lee
Mary Walker Wears the Pants
Louisa May's Battle:  How the Civil War Led to Little Women
Brave Girl: Clara and the Shirtwaist Strike of 1909
Who Says Women Can't Be Doctors
Young Adult Fiction
Padian, Maria
Roth, Veronica
Rowell, Rainbow
Out of Nowhere
Divergen Insurgent
Eleanor and Park
Adult Books
Adult Non-Fiction
Brantly, Ben
Johson, Adam
McGraff, Michael
McMeekin, Sean
Orstein, Norman J.
Philabrick, Nathanial
Tchman, Barbara
Broadway Musicals
Orphan Master's Son
Saved by Beauty
July, 1904
It's Even Worse than It Looks
Bunker Hill: A City, A Siege, A Revolution
The Guns of August
Adult Fiction
Archer, Jeffrey
Atkins, Ace
Brandford, Barbara
Clark, Mary Higgins
Coonts, Stephen
Evens, Richard Paul
Hannah, Kristine
Harris, Charlaine
Jefferson, T. Parker
Johanson, Iris
Michaels, Fern
Peters, Ralph
Roberts, Nora
Sandford, John
Salster, James
Wolitzer, Meg
Best Kept Secret
Robert Parker's Wanderland
Secrets from the Past
Daddy, Gone a Hunting
Pirate Alley
A Step of Faith
Fly Away
Dead After
The Famous and the Dead
Taking Eve
The Blossom Sisters
Hell or Richmond
Whiskey Beach
Spoken Prey
All That Is
The Interestings
April 2013
Youth Books
Byun, You
Kirk, Daniel
Leathers, Philippa
Yaccarina, Dan
Cohen, Barbara
Macload, Elizabeth
Tooke, Wes
Grogan, John
Dream Friends
Ten Things I Love about You
The Black Rabbit
Doug Unplugged
Thank You Jackie Robinson
Bones Never Lie
King of the Mound
John Marley and the Great Easter Egg Hunt
Adult Books
 Beaton, M.C.
Brandmayer, Dana
Card, Orson Scott
Clark, Mary Jane
Greenberg, Mike
Heat-Moon, William Least
Kinkaid, Greg
Krueger, William Kent
Leon, Donna
Lewis, Beverly
Macomber, Beverly
Murphy, Yannick
Oats, Joyce Carol
Parssinen, Keija
Sandberg, Sheryl
Trout, Nick
Winsper, Jacqueline
Woods, Stuart
Wright, Jason F.
Death of Yesterday
A Bride's Dilemma
The Gate Theif
Footprints in the Sand
All You Could Ask For
Here, There, Everywhere
A Christmas Home
Ordinary Grace
The Golden Egg
The Guardian
Starting Now
The Call
The Accursed
The Ruins of Us
Lean In
Patron Saint of Lost Dogs
Leaving Everything Most Loved
Unintended Consequences
The Cross-Gardener
March 2013
Youth Books
Dean, James
Dean, James
Johnson, Angela
Seuss, Dr.
Sendeck, Maurice
Nolen, Jerdine
Pastis, Stephen
Probst, Jef
Thorpe, Kiki
Smith, Charles
Draper, Sharon
Lore, Pittcus
Pete the Cat: Pete's Lunch
Pete the Cat: Play Ball
Lottie Paris and the Best Place
500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins
My Brother's Book
Hewitt Anderson's Great Big Life
Mistakes Were Made
In a Blink
Brick by Brick
The Rise of Nine
Adult Books
Bradley, Alan
Benjamin, Melanie
Coben, Harlan
Conklin, Tara
Cussler, Clive
Gardner, Lisa
Gore, Al
Haruf, Kent
Kingsbury, Karen
McCarthy, Erin
Muller, Marcia
Person, Tracie
Russell, Karen
Speaking from among the Bones
The Aviator's Wife
Six Years
The Striker
Touch and Go
The Future (nonfiction)
The Change
Seeing is Believing
Bughouse Affair
The Ice Cutter's Daughter
Vampires in the Lemon Grove
February 2013
Youth Books
Willems, Mo
Symes, Sally
Cole, Henry
Turnage, Sheila
Gidwitz, Adam
Gidwitz, Adam
Close, Chuck
Sheinkin, Steve
Spry, Michelle

Applegate, Katherine
Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs
Whose Toes are Those?
Story from the Underground Railroad
Three Times Lucky
In a Glass Grimmly
A Dark Tale and Grimm
Chuck Close: Facebook
Tom T's Hat Rack
The One and Only Ivan (Newberry Award 2013)
Adult Books
Jance, J.A.
Crais, Robert
Block, Lawrence
Patterson, James
Strayed, Cheryl
Sotomayor, Sonia
Saunders, George
Cain, Susan
Dean, Michael
Diamon, Jared
Smith, Lachlan
Halliman, Timothy
Deveraux, Jude
Kellerman, Jonathon
Deadly Stakes
Hit Man
Private Berlin
Wild: From Lost to Wild on the Pacific Coast Trail
My Beloved World
Tenth of December
I, Hogarth
The Fifth Assassin
Bear is Broken
Little Elvises
Moonlight Masquerade
January 2013
Youth Books
Bishop, Nic
Rubin, Adam
Patterson, James
Douglas, Gabby
Rappaport, Doreen
Green, John
March, Katherine
Wein, Elizabeth
Bishop's Snakes
Dragon Loves Tacos
I Funny
Grace, Gold and Glory
Beyond Courage
Looking for Alaska
Jepp Who Defied the Stars
Code Name Verity
 Adult Books
Carey, Jamie
Chiaverani, Jennifer
Chevalier, Tracy
Donoghue, Emma
Grafton, Sue
Howard, Linda
Martini, Steve
Mathis, Ayana
Peterson, Tracie
Powers, Kevin
Quinn, Julie
Raney, Deborah
Shapiro, Barbara
Steele, Danielle
Woods, Stuart
Angel's Den
Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker
The Last Runaway

Shadow Woman
Trader of Secrets
Twelve Tribes of Hatti
To Honor and Trust
Yellow Birds
The Lady Most Willing
Forever After
The Art Forger
Until the End of Love
Colateral Damage
Sacks, Oliver
Wiesel, Elie
Open Heart
Gaither Vocal Band
Count your Blessings
October 2012
Youth Books

Alexander, Lloyd
Blake, Robert
Bragg, Georgia
Casanova, Mary
Coban, Harlan
Codell, Esme Raji
Desmond, Jenni
Frazee, Marla
Hall, Michael
Lyton, Deborah
McClure, Nikki
McMann, Lisa
Miller, Linda Lael
Viorst, Judith

The Book of Three
Painter and Ugly
How They Croaked: The Awful Ends of the Awfully FamousThe Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town
Seconds Away
Seed by Seed:  The Legend and Legacy of Johnny Appleseed
Red Cat, Blue Cat
Boot and Shoe
Cat Tale
Jane in Bloom
Book of Mother Goose
The Unwanted
Big Sky Country
Lulu Walks the Dogs
Adult Fiction

Armstrong, Lori
Armstrong, Lori
Boyle, T.C
Cornwell, Patricia
DeMille, Nelson
Diaz, Janet
Ennis, Michael
Erdrich, Louise
Follett, Ken
Francis, Feliz
Garwood, Julie
Hart, Carolyn
Jance, J.A
Katz, Jon
Kingsbury, Karen
Kingsbury, Karen
LeHane, Dennis
Patterson, James
Rowling, J.K.
Sandford, John
Taylor, Patrick
Vincenzi, Penny
Woods, Stuart

Mercy Kill
Snow Blind
San Miguel
The Bone Bed
The Panther
This  is How to Lose Her (Short Stories)
Malice of Fortune
Round House
Winter of the World
DicK Francis's Bloodline
Sweet Talk
What the Cat Saw
Sleep No More
Dancing Dogs (Short Stories)
Live by Night
NYPD  (in book and book on disc)
The Casual Vacancy
Mad River
An Irish Country Wedding
Wicked Pleasure
Severe Clear
Adult Non-Fiction
Greenwald, Glen
LaRusso, Tony
Schwalbe, Will
Souders, William
With Liberty and Justice for Some
One Last Strike
The End of Your Life Book Club
Rachel Carson
September 2012
Youth Books
Abbott, Tony Lunchbox Dreams
Agee, Jim My Rhinoceros
Almond, David   My Name is Mina
Asper-Smith, Sarah Have You Seen a Smack of Jellyfish
Bordham-Quallen, Sudipta   Hampire
Burleigh, Robert   Night Flights:  Amelia Earhart
Dewdney, Anna  Llama Llama Time to Share
Hills, Tad     Rocket Writes a Story
Schwartz, Amy   Lucy Can't Sleep
Young Adult
Clare, Cassandra   City of Fallen Angels
Clare, Cassandra City of Lost Souls
Dasher, James  Scorch Trials
Hopkins, Ellen    Tilt
O’Reilly, Bill  Lincoln’s Last Days
Preller, James     Before You Go
Album, Mitch  The Time Keeper
Brown, Rita Mae Sneakie Pie for President
Caplin, Amanda The Orchidist 
Chabon, Michael Telegraph Avenue
Child, Lee    A Wanted Man
Cussler, Clive  The Tombs
George, Elizabeth  The Edge of Nowhere
Gregory, Philippa The Kingmaker's Daughter
Harris, Charlaine  An Apple for the Creature
Johnson, Craig As the Crow Flies & The Cold Dish
Kortya, Michael The Prophet
Krueger, William Kent 

Trickster’s Point                                          

Lewis, Beverly The Bridesmaid
Lionel, Asbo  State of England
Macomber, Debbie Inn at Rose Harbor
Robert Parker Fool Me Twice
Patterson, James Zoo
Perry, Ann A Sunless Sea
Peterson, Tracie Taming the Wind
Reichs, Kathy Bones are Forever
Robards, Karen The Last Victim
Robb, J.D. Delusions in Death
Smith, Zadie NW
Stedman, M.L. The Light between the Oceans
Books on Disc
Patterson, James Zoo

July and August 2012
Adult Books

Bohjalian, Chris

The Sandcastle Girls

Burke, James Lee

Crede Belle

Dalla, Sandra

True Sisters

Eggers, Dave

A Hologram for the King

Evan, Richard Paul

Road to Grace

French, Tana

Broken Harbor

Henderson, Eleanor

Ten Thousand Saints

Hilderbrand, Erin


Johanson, Iris

Close Your Eyes

Kingsbury, Karen

Coming Home

Kingsbury, Karen


Kingsbury, Karen


Kinkade, Thomas

A Wandering Heart

Peterson, Trace

To Love and Cherish

Snelling, Laurine

Whispers in the Wind

Steel, Danielle

Friends Forever



Roberts Rules of Order


2012 World Almanac


World Atlas


Coins & Paper Money Price Guide 2012

Boyne, John


Klein, Edward

The Amateur

Spitz, Bob

Dearie: Remarkable Life of Julia Child

Taylor, Robin

Secrets Hidden by the Side of the Road

Young Adult



Dasher, James

The Maze Runner

Formon, Gayle

If I Stay

Klavan, Andrew

The Last Thing I Remember

Laybourne, Emmy

Monument 14

Lorentz, Doyne

No Safety in Numbers

Patterson, James

Saving the World



Joyce, William

Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Less More

LaFleur, Suzanne

Love Aubrey

Litwin, Erik

Pet the Cat

Litwin, Erik

Pet the Cat and his Groovy Buttons

Siegel, Randy

My Snake Blake


Burleigh, Robert

George Bellows, Painter with a Punch

June 2012

Adult Books

Clark, Mary Higgins

The lost years    LP

Caro, Robert

Passage of power

Child, Lincoln 

The third gate

Cussler, Clive 

The storm

Deaver, Jeffrey


Donavan, James 

The blood of heroes
Flynn, Gillian  Gone girl
Ford, Richard Canada
Goolrick, Robert   Heading out to Wonderful
Hamilton, Laurel     Kissing the dead
Irving, John  In one person
McGarritty, Michael Hard Country
Millard, Candice  The river of doubt
Montel, Hillary  Bring up the bodies 
Peterson, Traci Touching the sky
Sandford, Robert  Stolen prey
Smith, Alexander McCall  A conspiracy of silence
Steel, Danielle   Betrayal
Tanenbaum, Robert  Bad faith

Elementary Books

Biden, Jill   Don't forget, God bless our troops
Litchenheld, Tom Emergency
Litwin, Eric  3 Pete the Cat books
Soman, David  Ladybug at the beach

Juvenile Books

Conkling, Winifred Sylvia & Aki
Sp;inelli, Jerry  Jake & Lily
Young Adult
Lore, Pittacus  Power of six
Riordon, Rick The serpents shadow
Scott, Michael The immortals

May 2012

Youth Books

Van Duren, Chris
Willems, Mo
Veneck, Audrey
Palacia, R.J.
Brown, Jennifer
Schertle, Alice
McCue, Lisa
Patterson, James
Just Ducks
Randy Riley's Really Big Hit
The Duckling Gets a Cookie
Brothers at Bat
Hate List
Little Blue Truck
Quiet Bunny and Noisy Puppy
Middle School: Get Me Out of Here
Adult Books
Wolff, Gustin
Greenblatt, Stephen

Muller, Herta
Bowen, Rhy
Freudenberge, Nell
Rogan, Charlotte
Balogh, Mary
Harris, Charlaine
King, Stephen
Monroe, Mary Alice
Morrison, Toni
Patterson, James
Perry, Anne
Woods, Stuart
Parker, Roget
Brunsterrer, Wanda
Cameron, Bruce
Wilson, Susan
Archer, Jeffrey
Delaney, Grank
Roberts, Nora
Johansen, Iris
Michaels, Fern
Thomas Hart Benton: A Life
The Swerve:  How the World Became Modern
The Hunger Angle
Hush Now, Don't You Cry
The Newlyweds
The Lifeboat
The Proposal
Wind Through the Keyhole
Beach House Memories
The 11th Hour
Dorchester Terrace
Unnatural Acts
Half-stitch Amish Quilting
A dog's Journey
The Dog Who Danced
Sins of the Father
Lost Boyfriend
What Doesn't Kill You
April 2012
Adult Books
Landay, William
Leon, Donna
Olmstead, Robert
Lerner, Ben
Miller, Madelyne
Oats, Joyce Carol
Kahneman, Daniel
Rachel, Maddow
Scottoline, Lisa
Flynn, Vince
Smith, Alexander McCall

Tyler, Anne
Patterson, James
Vincenzi, Penny
Grisham, John
Brown, Rita Mae
Trigiani, Adriana
Winspear, Jacquline
Bradford, Barbara Taylot
Martin, George
Hart, Carolyne
Lewis, Beverly
Steel, Daniele
Defending Jacob
Beastly Things
The Colest Night
Leaving Atacha Station
The Son of Achiles
Thinking Fast & Slow
Come Home
Kill Shot
The Limpopo Academy of Private
The Beginner's Goodbye
Guilty Wives
More Than You Know
Calico Joe
The Big Cat Nap
The Shoemaker's Wife
Elegy for Eddie
Letter from a Stranger
Feast for Crows
Death Comes Silently
The Fiddler

Children's Books

Levine, Kristen 
Lai, Thaaha
  Benny, Mike 
Winter, Johan 
Aronson, Mark 
Fleming, Denise 
Frasier, Debra
The Lions of Little Rock
Inside Out and Back Again
Just as Good (Story by Larry Doby)
Jazz Age Josephine
Sugar Changed the World
Sleep, Oh So Sleepy
A Fabulous Fair Alphabet
March 2012

Youth Books

Bildner, Phil The Hallelujah Flight
Houston, Gloria Miss Dorothy and the Bookmobile
William, Laura The Can Man
Christopher, Paul The Mighty Miss Malone
Levine, Kristin Lions of Little Rock
Green, John Fault in Our Stars
Mark Twain Award Winners
Epstein, Adam The Familiars
Gordon, Amy Twenty Gold Falcons
Grant, Katy  Hide & seek
Jonell, Lynne A Secret of Zoom
Kehret, Peg  Runaway Twin
Kehret, Peg Ghost Dog Secrets
Kirby, Matthew The Clockwork Three
Lupica, Mike Million-Dollar Throw
Mass, Wendy 11 Birthdays
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds Faith, Hope & Ivy June
Parry, Roseanne Heart of a Shepherd
Pitchford, Dean Captain Nobody
Van Cleve, Kathleen Drizzle

Self Help Books

2012 GED
 Windows 7
Finance for Seniors
Kovels ‘Antique guide 2012
Adult Fiction
 Box, C.J.  Force of Nature

Brunstetter, Wanda

 A Cousin’s Challenge

Chiaverini, Jennifer

Sonoma Rose

Coben, Harlan

Stay Close
Crais, Robert Taken
Cussler, Clive The Thief
George, Alex A Good American
Hicks, Robert A Separate Country
Hoffman, Elizabeth Cobbs Broken Promises
Kellerman, Jonathan Victims
Pavon, Chris The Expats
Peters, Ralph Cain at Gettysburg
Picoult, Jodi Lone Wolf
Robb, J.D. Celebrity in Death
White, Randy  Chasing Midnight
Adult Non-Fiction
Boo, Kathryn Behind the Beautiful Forevers
Fellowes, Jessica The World of Downton Abby
Frank, Thomas Pity the Billionaire
January 2012

Adult Books

Clancy, Tom Locked On
Cook, Robin Death Benefit
Evanovich, Janet .Love in a Nutshell
Fletcher, Martin The List
Grant, Donna Shadow Highlander
George, Elizabeth Believing the Lie
Hoag, Tami Down the Darkest Road
Hughes, Robert Rome
James, P.D. Death Comes to Pemberly
Kaaberbol, Lene The Boy in the Suitcase
Krentz, Jayne Ann Copper Beach
Lescroart, John The Hunter
Littlefield, Sophie A Bad Day for Scandal
Mankell, Henning The Troubled Man
Marpurgo, Michael Warhorse
Matthews, Chris Jack Kennedy
Otsuka, Julie Buddha in the Attic
Patterson, James The Gift (Replacement)
Patterson, James Private @1 Suspect
Preston, Lee Gideon's Corpse
Paretsky, Sara Breakdown
Rhodes, Richard Heddy's Folly
Woodrall, Daniel Outlaw Album

Children's Books

Brown, Ida Boy in the Moon

Kinney, Jeff

Diary of a Whimpy Kid: Cabin Fever
Klassen, Jon I Want My Hat Back
Macomber, Debbie The Yippy, Yappy Yorkie
Patterson, Katherine
Brother Sun, Sister Moon: Saint Francis of Assisi's Canticle of the Creatures
Pett, Mark The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes
Reasoner, Charles Sppoky Babies
Rinker, Sherri Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site
Robbins, Tina Lily Renee, Escape Artist: From Holocaust Survivor to Comic Book Pioneer
Russo, Marisabino I Will Come Back For You: A Family  in Hiding During World War II
Say, Allan Drawing from Memory
Winter, Johan Born and Bred in the Great Depression
  Transformers: Meet the Autobots

Howard County Public Library
Fayette, MO 65248