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New Books

Howard County library patrons will find the new books prominently displayed at the front of the library in a cabinet designed specifically for that purpose. The new books include many of the New York Times bestsellers as well as many award winning novels and non-fiction works. Anyone can also look at all the library listings and those of other members of the Missouri Evergreen Consortium by clicking the link in the banner at the top of each web page. A link to a listing of e-books, audio books and videos available through Missouri Libraries 2 Go is also available in the banner.


September 2023
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Arango, Andrea B.
Black, Holly
Ignotofsky, Rachael
Dawson, Delilah S.
Dee, Barbara
Rinker, Sherri
Tatsukawa, Maya
Tucholke, April G.
Iveliz Explains It All
The Stolen Heir
What's Inside a Cocoon
Midnight at the Houdini
Haven Jacobs Saves the Planet
Construction Site Take Flight
Mole is Not Alone
Beatrice Likes the Dark
Adult Fiction
Beaton, M.C.
Chiaverini, Jennifer
Feeney, Alice
Flynn, Vince
Francis, Felix
Galbraith, Robert
Grisham, John
Hoover, Colleen
Jance, J.A.
Johnson, Craig
Martin, Charles
Nesbo, Jo
Osman, Richard
Patterson, James
Rosenfelt, David
Steel, Danielle
Woods, Stuart
Dead On Target
Canary Girls
Good Girl Bad
Code Red
No Reserve
The Running Grave
The Exchange
Too Late
Blessing o the Lost Girls
The Longmire Defense
The Last Exchange
The Night Horse
The Last Devil to Die
12 Months to Live
Dead Mountain
The Bite Before Christmas
Second Act
Adut Non-Fiction
Bird, Kai
Etheridge, Melissa
American Prometheus
Talking to My Angels
August 2023
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Harkness, Andy
Lang, Suzzane
Nelson, Jennifer
Rylant, Cynthia
Tarshis, Lauren
Tarshis, Lauren
Wolfboy is Scared
Don't Be Scared
Farm Strong All Year Long
We Give Thanks
I survived the American Revolution
I survived the Chicago Fire
Adult Fiction
Bowen, Rhys
Cleeves, Ann
Dubus, Andre
Goldin, Megan
Hoffman, Alice
King, Stephen
Krueger, William Kent
Mina, Denise
Patterson, James
Patterson, James
Reichs, Kathey
Robb, JD
Smith Alexander McCall
Walker, Martin
Weiner, Jennifer
Smith, Zadie
The Paris Assignment
The Raging Storm
Such Kindness
Dark Corners
The Invisible Hour
The River You Remember
Three Fires
23 1/2 Lies
The Lion and the Lamb
The Bone Hacker
Payback in Death
Discreet Charm of the Big Bad Wolf
Chateau Under Siege
The Breakaway
The Fraud
Adult Non-Fiction
Freedman, Samuel
Isaacson, Walter
McPhee, John
Werner, Herbert
In the Bright Sunshine
Elon Muck
Looking for a Ship
Iron Coffins

July 2023
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Buzzeo, Toni
Galkan, Gabriella
Coven, Wanda
Davies, Nicola
Korman, Gordon
McManus, Karen
Pia, Sally
Tallamy, Douglas
Wohlleben, Peter
Zhang, Gracey
Light Comes to Shadow Mountain
What a Map Can Do
Henry Heckelback: The High Flyer
24 Hours on Planet Earth
One of Us Back
The fire, the Water, and Maudie McGinn
Nature's Best Hope
What's Wild Outside Your Door
When Rubin Plays
Adult Fiction
Brown, Sandra
Burke, James Lee
Jewell, Lisa
Lapena, Shari
Macomber, Debbie
McBride, James
Patchett, Ann
Patterson, James
Russo, Richard
Silva, Daniel
Steel, Danielle
Tappr, Jake
Whitehead, Colson
Out of Nowhere
Flags on the Bayou
Love Theoretically
None of this is True
Everyone Here is Lying
Must Love Flowers
The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store
Tom Lake
Private Moscow
Somebody's Fool
The Collector
All the Demons are Here
Crook Manifesto

Adult Non-Fiction

Peter Attia Outlive: the science & art of longevity

Michael Finkel The Art Thief

Lorrie Moore I am homeless if this is not my home

J.Randy Taraborrelli Jackie, Public, Private, Secret

June 2023
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Eggers, Dave
Henke, Ben
Knapman, Timothy
Montgomery, Sy
Rudd, Maggie
Vickers, Elaine
Whatle, Michael
The Eyes and the Impossible
Zita the Spacegirl
Sometimes I am Furious
The Book of Turtle (Non-Fiction)
How to Stay Invisible
Half Moon Summer
Diggersaurs Mission to the Moon
Adult Fiction
Allende, Isabel
Audrain, Ashley
Benedict, Marie
Bausrmeister, Erika
Cronin, Justin
Davis, Fiona
Doiron, Paul
Ford, Richard
Harmel, Kristin
Kuang, R. F.
Jackson, Lisa
See, Lisa
Shaffer, Meg
McCall Smith, Alexander
Steel, Danielle
Ware, Ruth
Williams, Beatriz
The Wind Knowes My Name
The Whispers
The First Ladies
No Two Persons
The Ferryman
The Spectacular
Dead Mans Wake
Be Mine
The Paris Daughter
The Last Sinner
Lady Tan's Circle of Women
The Wishing Game
The Private Life of Spies
Zero Day
The Beach of Summerly
Adult Non-Fiction
Desmond, Matthew
King, Jonathan Eig
Poverty, by America
A Life
May 2023
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
McAnuty, Stacy
Daywait, Drew
Venable, Colleen
DiPucchio, Kelly
Harrison, Vashti
Redgate, Piley
Savil, Gavriel
Tullet, Herve
Pluton, Not a Planet, Not a Problem
The Crayons Go Back to School
Cat the Catsitte #3
Becoming Charley
Alone Out Here
Come See the Fair
Tap! Tap! Tap!


Constantine, Liv
Gaylin, Alison
Hilderbrand, Elin
Issacs, Susan
Jackson, Jenny
Moore, Meg Mitchell
Nesbo, Jo
Paul, Crystal Smith
Patterson, James
roberts, Nora
Rosenblum, Emma
Steel, Danielle
Verghese, Abtaham
Urrea, Irene Luis Alberta
Woods Stuart
The Senator's Wige
Bad Influence
Five Star Weekend
Bad Bad Symour Brown
Pineapple Street
Summer Stage
Killing Moon
Did You Hear about Kitty Karr
Cross Down
Bad Summer People
The Wedding Planner
The Covenant of Water
Goodnight, Irene
Near Miss
April 2023
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Applegate, Katherine
Boynton, Sandra
Kuyatt, Meg Eden
Meyer, Susan
Petrus, Junauda
Rinker, Sherri
Selznick, Brien
Williams, Mo
The One and Only Ruby
Woo Hoo You're Doing Great
Good Different
A Sky Full of Song
Can we please Give the Police Department to the Grandmas
Construction Site: Road Crew
Big Tree
Be the Bus
Adult Fiction
Baldacci, David
Bowen, Rhy
Clark, Mary Higgins
Davis, Barbara
Dugoni, Robert
Frazier, Charles
Grippando, James
Henry, Emily
Hillerman, Anne
Miller, Lulu
Napolitano, Ann
Patterson, James
Stradal, J. Ryan
Verbe, Margaret
Walls, Jeannette
Winslow, Don
Simply Lies
All That is Hidden
Where are the Children Now
The Echo of Old Books
Her Deadly Game
The Tracker
Code 6
Happy Place
The Way of the Bear
Why Fish don't Exist
Hello Beautiful
The 23rd Midnight
Saturday Night at the Lakeside Country Club
Why 2 Feather Fell the Sky
Hang the Moon
City of Dreams
Adult Non-Fiction
Arnheim, Michael
Grann, David
Porter, Katie
Constitution for Dummies
The Wager
I Swear
March 2023
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Alexander, Kwami
Barnett, Mac
Hanjo, Joy
Harrell, Rob
Harkness, Andy
Rubin, Adam
Pikey, Dav
Preston, Natasha
How to Write a Poem
Twenty Questions
Wolf Boy
Ice Cream Machine
Dogman #11
The Island
Adult Fiction
Coben, Harlan
Ellison, J T
Jance, J A
Makkai, Rebecca
Miranda, Megan
Mizushima, Margaret
Morton, Kate
O'Connor, Joseph
Patterson, James
David Rosenberg
John Sandford
Lisa Scottoline
McCall-Smith, Alexander
Steel, Danielle
Windspear, Jacqueline

I will Find You
It's One of Us
Collateral Damage
I have Some Questions for YOu
The Only survivors
Standing Dead
My Father's House
God Dog, Bad Cop
Dark Angel
The Enigma of Garlic
Worthy Opponents
The White Lady

Adult Non-Fiction
Winer, Laurie Oscar Hammerstein II and the Invention of the Musical

February 2023
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Luqman-Dawson, Amina
Lin, Grace
Lowrey, Lois
MacLeod, Mr. & Mrs.
Meltzer, Brad
Salati, Doug
Waters, Charles
Once Upon a Book
The Windeby Puzzle
How to Eat a Book
I am John Lewis
Hot Dog
African Town
Adult Fiction
Berry, Steve
Box, C.J.
Greaney, Mark
Hoover, Colleen
Hunter, Stephen
Kelly, Pamela
Koonz, Dean
Moyers, Jojo
Macomber, Debbie
Patterson, James
Smiley, Jane
Todd, Charles
The Last Kingdon
Storm Watch
Never never
The Bullet Garden
Nantucket Homes
The House at the End of the World
Someone Else's Shoes
The Best is Yet to Come
3 Days to Live
A Dangerous Business
The Cliff's Edge

Adult Non-Fiction

Latham, Irene
Meltzer, Brad
Master Slave Husband Wife
The Nazi Conspiracy
January 2023
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Alexander, Kwame
Maloney, Brenna
Martin, Erica
Straub, Emma
Sullivan, John
Wynter, Anne
An American Story
Buzzkill: Weird and Threaten World of Bugs
The Civil Rights Movement in Poems
Very Good Hats
Stanley's Secret
Nell Plants a Tree
Benedict, Marie
Boyne, John
Carroll, Jonathan
Harper, Jordan
Jenoff, Pam
Johansen, Iris & Roy
Kellerman, Jonathan
Marshall, Kate Alice
Reyes, Ana
Robb, JD
Sharpiro, Dan
The Mitford Affair
All the Broken Places
Mr. Breakfast
Everybody Knows
Code Name Sapphire
More Than Meets the Eye
Unnatural History
What Lies in the Wood
The House in the Pines
Encore in Death
Signal Fires
New York Times/Select Committee
Dylan, Bob
The January 6th Report
The Philosopy of Modern Song
December 2022
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Sutherland, Tui T
Yung, Ed
Sommer, Yuval

Brydon, Ali
Chin, Jason
Dubois, Caroline Brooks
Elliott, David
Emberly, Michael
Saenz, Benjamin Alire
Wing of Fire Book 6
An Immense World
A Thing Called Snow

Bright Winter Night
The Universe in You
Ode to Nobody
At the Pond
Let's Go
Aristotle & Dante Discover Universe
Bardugo, Leigh
Beaten, M.C.
Bowen, Rhys
Diaz, Herman
Harper, Jane
Hays, Katy
Howkins, Rachael
Kubica, Mary
McCracken, Elizabeth
Patterson, James
Preston & Child
Steel, Danielle
Taylor, Brad
Hell Bent
Devil's Delight
Peril in Paris
The Cloisters
The Villa
Just the Nicest Couple
The Hero of the Book
The House of Wolve
The Cabinet of Dr. Leng
Without a Trace
Devil's Ransom
Prince Harry
Gay, Ross
Schiff, Stacy
Inciting Joy
The Revolutionary: Samuel Adams
November 2022
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Compenstine, Ying Chang
Jackson, Holly
Kaufman, Sashi
King, A.S.
Verde, Susan
Morning Sun in Wuhan
Five Survive
Attack of the Black Rectangles
Sallie Bee Write a Thank You Note


Cameron, Marc
Hoover, Colleen
Horowitz, Anthony
Irving, John
Karp, Marshall
Manning, Kate
McCarthy, Cormac
Penny, Louise
Roberts, Nora
Steel, Danielle
Tyson, Neil deGrasse
Unger, Lisa
Wilson, Kevin
Tom Clancy Red Winter
It Ends With Us
The Twist of the Knife
The Last Chair Lift
NYPD Red 7
Gilded Mountain
The Passenger
A World of Curiosities
The Choice
The Whittiers
Starry Messenger
Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six
Now is Not the Time to Panic


Meachan, Jon
And There was Light: Abraham Lincoln
October 2022
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Borba, Adam
Gratz, Alan
Idle, Molly
Johy, Jory
Kinney, Jeff
Kraegel, Kenneth
McNanus, Karen
Rex, Adam
Tarshis, Lauren
Warga, Jasmine
Outside Nowhere
Two Degrees
Witch Hazel
Thr Sour Grapes
Diary of a Wimpy Kid #17
Mushroom Lullaby
Nothing More To Tell
Digestion! The Musical
I Survived Katrina
A Rover's Story
Baldacci, David
Child, Lee
Connelly, Michael
Cornwell, Patricia
Crais, Robert
Demille, Nelson
Ng, Celeste
Evanoviceh, Janet
Grisham, John
Kingsolver, Barbara
Rankin, Ian
Rosenfelt, David
Patterson, James
Steel, Dannielle
Urquhart, Alaina
Woods, Stuart
Long Shadows
No Plan B
Desert Star
Racing the Lights
The Maze
Our Missing Hearts
Going Rogue
The Boys From Biloxi
Demon Copperhead
A Heartful of Headstondes
Santa's Little Yelper
Triple Cross
The High Notes
The Butcher and the Wren
Distant Thunder
Eakin, Hugh
Haverman, Magggie
Obama, Michelle
Totenberg, Nine
Picasso's War
Confidence Man
The Light We Carry
 Dinner with Ruth
September 2022
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Applegate, Katherine
Alexander, Kwame
Dahl, Roald
Higgins, Ryan T.
McAnulty, Stacy
Schertle, Alice
The Door of No Return
Never Grow Up
Hey Bruce
Save the People
Little Blue Truck Makes Friends
Archer, Jeffrey
Backman, Fredrich
Box CJ
Cussler, Clive
Flowers, Ashley
Greer, Andrew Sean
Grisham, John
Harris, Robert
Hilderbrand, Erin
Johansen, Iris
Newson, Rasheed
Osman, Richard
Oates, Joyce Carol
Patterson, James
Picoult, Jodi
Raybourn, Deanna
Sandford, John
Sparks, Nicholas
Turow, Scott
Next in Line
The Winners
Treasure State
All Good People Here
Less is Lost
The Boys from Biloxi
Act of Oblivion
Endless Summer
My Government Means to Kill Me
The Bullet that Missed
Blow Back
Mad Honey
Killers of a Certain Age
Righteous Prey


Rinker, Buck Life on the Mississippi
August 2022
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Boxer, Elisa
Gerardi, Kellie
Gonzales, Christina Diaz
Reynolds, Aaron
Taylor, Joryn
Yolen, Jane
Covered in Color
Luna Muno
Creepy Canyon
The Paper Girl of Paris
Giant Island



Brown, Sandra
Cleeves, Ann
Feeney, Alice
Galbraith, Roger
Jewell, Lisa
Johansen, Iris
Johnson, Craig
King, Stephen
McAllister, Gillian
Miranda, Megan
O'Farrel, Maggie
Osman, Richard
Patterson, James
Quinn, Spencer
Reid, Taylor Jenkins
Robb, J.D.
Steel, Danielle
Thor, Brad
Woods, Stuart
The Rising Tide
Daisy Darker
The Ink Black Heart
Family Remains
To Hell and Back
Fairy Tale
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
The Last to Vanish
The Marriage Portrait
The Bullet that Missed
The Ninth MOnth
Back of the Future
Carrie Soto is Back
Desperation in Death
The Challenge
Rising Tiger
Black Dog


Clear, James
Hegseth, Peter
Rodgers, Mary
Sedaris, David
Clear Atomic Habit
Battle for the American Mind
Happy Go Lucky
July 2022
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Dawson, Greg
Korman, Gordan
Reynolds, Jason
Staake, Bob
Alas Anna
The Fort
Ain't Burned All the Bright
The Path
Baldacci, David
Brooks, Geraldine
Chiavenni, Jennifer
Clark, Julie
Coulter, Catherine
Gerritsen, Tess
Giffen, Emily
Green, George Dawes
Greaney, Mark
Hoover, Colleen
Jackson, Lisa
Patterson, James
Patterson, James
Rosenfelt, David
Sager, Riley
Silva, Daniel
Steel, Danielle
Walker, Martin
Zevin, Gabrielle
The 6:20 Man
Switchboard Soldiers
The Lies I Tell
Listen to Me
Meant to Be
The Kingdoms of Savannah
The Girl Who Survived
Holy Chow
The House Across the Lake
Portrait of an Unknown Woman
To Kill a Troubadour
Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
June 2022
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
dela Pena, Matt
Johnson, Robin
Napier, Erin
Pinkney, Andreas Davis
Sheffield, Heidi
Falconer, Ian
Keating, Jess
Zommer, Yuval
Tarshis, Lauren
Carmela Full of Wishes
Oceans Inside Out
Lantern Huse
Because of You, John Lewis
Ice Cream Face
Two Dogs
Shark Lady
The Big Book of Blue
I Survived 911
Barton, Fiona
Berry, Steve
Dorian, Paul
Freeman, Brian
Gentil, Sulari
Hilderbrand, Elin
Mina, Denise
Reichs, Kathy
Pavone, Chris
Ware, Ruth
Millard, Candice
Local Gone Missing
The Omega Factor
Hatchet Island
Bourne Sacrifice
The Woman in the Library
The Hotel Nantucket
Cold Cold Bones
Two Nights in Lisbon
The It Girl
River of Golds
May 2022
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Carle, Eric
Hare, John
Le, Minh
Lockhart, E.
Tarshis, Lauren
Van Dusen, Chris
Woodson, Jacqueline
The Very Hungry Caterpillar's First Summer
A Mouthful of Minnows
I am Dolly Parton
The Blur
Family of Liars
I Survived the Attack of the Grizzlies
Big Truck Little Island
The World Belongs to Us
Burke, James Lee
Garmus, Bonnie
Grisham, John
Lupica, Mike
Mandel, Emily St. John
Martin, Jonathon
Rainbow, Randy
Richardson, Kim Michele
Robert, Nora
Rooney, Sally
Van Pelt, Shelby
Trigianai, Adriana
Vo, Nghis
Weiner, Jennifer
Williams, Pip
Winslow, Don
Every Clock Rolled in Blood
Lessons in Chemistry
Sparring Partners
Robert Parker's Revenge Tour
Sea of Tranquility
This Will Not Pass
Playing With Myself
The Bookwoman's Daughter
Beautiful World
Remarkably Bright Creatures
The Good Left Undone
Siren Queen
That Summer Place
The Dictionary of Lost Words
City on Fire
April 2022
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Estrada, Kelly Erin
Martin, Jr., Bill
Thao, Sam Dustin
Kang, Anna
Ludwig, Ken
Meyers, Seth
Schwab, VE
Woodgate, Harry
Those Kids from Fawn Creek
Armadillo Antics
You've Reached Sam
This is Not Enough
How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare
I'm Not Scared, You're Scared
Granddad's Camper
Adult Fiction
Baldacci, David
Bohjalian, Chris
Egan, Jennifer
Evanovich, Janet
Hillerman, Anne
Lescroart, John
Patterson, James
Pinborough, Sarah
Sandford, John
Serle, Rebecca
Smith, Alexander McCall
Steel, Danielle
Tyler, Anne
Windspear, Jacqueline
Dream Town
The Lioness
The Candy House
The Recovery Agent
The Sacred Bridge
The Missing Piece
22 Second
The Investigator
One Italian Place
Love in the Time of Bertie
French Bread
A Sunlit Weapon
Adult Non-Fiction
Yavanovitch, Marie
Frank, Jeffrey
Lessons from the Edge
The Trial of Harry S. Truman
March 2022
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
 Boldt, Mike,
Clinton, Chelsea
Kang, Anna
Meltzer, Brad
Montague, Montague
Pierce, Lincoln
Romanyshyn, Romana    
Bad Dog
She Persisted in Science
This is Not Enough
I am Malala Yousafzai
The Circle Around Us
Big Nate
How War Changed Rondo
Beaton, M.C.
Coben, Harlan
Deveraux, Jude
Dugoni, Robert
Everhart, Donna
Govokhove, Elena
de Gramont, Nina
Haigh, Jennifer
Hendricks, Greer
Jance, J.A.
Lescroant, Johm
Kava, Alex
Maher, Kerri
Meltzer, Brad
Myers, Adele
Rosenfelt, David
Quinn, Kate
Scottoline, Lisa
Sepetys, Ruth
St. James, simone
Steel, Danielle
Todd, Charles
Walsh, Rosie
Death of a Green-Eyed Monster
The Match
A Relative Murder
The Silent sister
The Saints of Swallow Hill
A Train to Moscow
The Christie Affair
Mercy Street
The Golden Couple
Nothing to Lose
The Missing Piece
Fallen Creed
The Paris Bookseller
The Lightning Rod
The Tobacco Wives\
K-9 Citizen
The Diamond Eye
What happened to the Bennetts
I Must Betray You
The Book of Cold Case
High Stakes
A Game of Fear
The Love of My Life
February 2022
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Higuera, Donna Barba
Freeman, Megan E.
McGinty, Alice B.
Riordan, Rick
Sellers, Bakari
Wang, Andrea
Weatherfor, Carole Boston
The Last Cuentita
Bathe the Cat
Daughter of the Deep
Who are Your People?
Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre
Adult - Fiction
Benedict, Marie
Box, C.J.
Chamberlain, Diane
Davis, Fiona
Foley, Lucy
Gonzalex, Xochitl
Greaney, Mark
Parton, Dolly/Patterson
Pataki, Allison
Prose, Nina
Rivers, Francine
Wilderson, Charmaine
Woods, Stuart
Her Hidden Genius
Shadow's Reel
The Last House on the Street
The Magnolia Palace
The Paris Apartment
Olga Dies Dreamin
Run Rose Run
The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post
Diablo Mesa
The Maid
The Lady's Mine
Black Cake
Criminal Mischief
Adult Non-Fiction
Gates, Henry Louis
Sullivan, Rosemary
The Black Church
The Betrayal of Anne Frank
January 2022
Elementary, Juvenile, Young Adult
Bird, Betsy
Bouilley, Angeline
Bracken, Alexandra
Forman, Gayle
Winder, Wendy Monica
Woodson, Jacqueline
Long Round to the Circus
Firekeeper's Daughter
Frankie and the Bug
Where's My Joey
The Year We Learned to Fly
Adult Fiction
Allende, Isabel
Burke, Lifar
Earnshaw, Shea
Gardner, Lisa
Hancoco, Anne Mette
Kellerman, Jonathan
King, Stephen
Micheals, Fern
Patchett, Ann
Petrie, Nick
Robb, JB
Steel, Danielle
Taylor, Brad
Woods, Stuart
Yanagihara, Hanya
Find Me
A History of Wild Places
One Step to Gar Grateful
The Corpse Flower
City of the Dead
Gwendy's Final Task
No Way Out
These Precious Days
The Runaway
Abandon in Death
End of Days
Criminal Mischief
To Paradise
Adult Non-Fiction
Pearl, Matthew The Takinig of Jemima Boone